New music Friday: Katy Perry is in Hawaii, and re-mixer working with Ne-Yo.

Each and every Friday it is refreshed with the muziekstreamingdienst Spotify playlist of New Music to Play, including a many of the new singles by national and international artists, musicians. put in a number of high profile releases in a row.
Katy Perry – Harleys in Hawaii

Katy Perry puts yet again for her third single of the year, but the news of a new album is not yet available. The U.s. singer will share after it’s Never Really Over, and the Small Talk now that the song is Harleys in the Hawaiian islands. The new album is a sensual love song with a catchy chorus and a hip-hop inspired production. In the video, does the Experience exactly what it’s title might suggest, riding a motorcycle in the state of Hawaii.

Listen to the song here


Check out the video of the Harleys in Hawaii Katy Perry

Armin van Buuren & Ne-Yo – Unlove You

Armin van Buuren has been working with Dutch stars such as Kensington and chelsea, Marco Borsato, and Davina Sorry, but I know also a number of international acts to play to a collaborative working environment. His new single, Unlove You, was a collaboration with American r&b singer, Ne-Yo, which scored hits with the songs like So Sick, Miss Independent, Closer, and Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself). The first one is called bring on the 25th of October and the album the Damage from it.

Listen to the song here

Kensington, At Times, The Weight

After their first album, Control, in 2016, in the first place, at the top of the charts obtained, and it is a long tour, it was finished, it was decided that the men, from Kensington to pull out of the Canadian forest in order to record a new album to work on. This album is called Time and it will appear on the 15th of november. After Bats, What Lies Ahead, and to Help the pt. 1, it is poignant At Times, and The Weight is now the fourth song we have to hear about it.

Listen to the song here

James Blunt – Samples

James Blunt performs on October 25, his new album Once Upon A Mind, and a share in the run-up to it each and every week with a brand new single. This week it’s the turn of getting the song from the Monsters, which he wrote to his seriously ill father. “I’m not your son, and you are not my father, and we have two grown-up men, who have to say goodbye. We don’t have to forgive, or to forget about it, because we all know each other’s faults,” his Blunt, best known from hits such as “You’re Beautiful” and, in 1973, in the it-laden ballad.

Listen to the song here

Sevn Alias, The Night Running

The 23-year-old rapper, Sevn, Alias, born in Sevaio oldest city in the netherlands, it has been a long, long list of albums and mix tapes to his name. He has worked In Amsterdam, in conjunction with the Moon, and it was last year, to the Belgian festival Rock Werchter. The Amsterdam-born rapper takes it to the conveyor belt of new music, and the single ” the Night is Active, it is the latest move in this direction.

Listen to the song here

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