New method can brain tickle without surgery’

New method can brain tickle without surgery’

Photo: NUtech

A group of American neurologists has developed a method with which they are regions deep in the brain can excite. Hereby they do not need to cut or drill into the brain.

The neurologists expect that they are so brain damage, memory loss, and the aftermath of hersenberoertes can limit, they explain in the scientific journal Cell.

To stimulate parts of the brain is for years, but only for uitbehandelde patients. The new method stimulates the brain regions with electrodes on the head instead of in it.

To stimulate specific areas in the brain as a risk that also intermediate hersenkwabben be reached by the electrodes. The newly developed method, which is “temporally interfering” (TI) is called, shows two electrodes with high-frequency radiation in the brain.


Seen brain cells only respond to an electric field with a low frequency, are areas that are not stimulated need are not reached. However, the electrodes are so focused on the desired point net a low-frequency signal, that for a stimulation.

The team of neurologists succeeded thus in to the paws and whiskers of a group under anesthesia, placed the mice to make them move.

Professor of cognitive neuropsychology, André Aleman of the UNIVERSITY medical centre Groningen says of Faith that it is ‘ground breaking’ research. “There is also a chance that patients a lasting benefit from short stimulation in the lab. All they would be for really long-term effects at least weeks of a daily session must endure, I guess.”

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