‘New kind of battery will last longer without loss of capacity’

‘New kind of battery will last longer without loss of capacity’

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American scientists have developed a new type of battery that is much less loses any capacity if he has been used for years.

The lithium-ion batteries that are currently in a lot of electronics can sit after a few years already a lot of capacity to lose, if they are regularly discharged and re-charged.

The new “flow” battery, which was developed at the university of Harvard, loses only 1% of its capacity per thousand charge cycles. Therefore, he must are more suitable for storing green energy from for example wind turbines or solar panels.

In contrast to current battery designs contains the flow battery also does not emit toxic or corrosive liquids: instead, the chemical substances in water. That also makes it possible to use a cheaper casing for the battery back.


The U.s. department of Energy aims to provide up to $ 100 a kilowatt-hour of energy to save. That will not work with the new technology yet, but according to the researchers, is a step in that direction.

“If you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of the kostendoel can come, change the world,” says research leader Michael Aziz. “Then is it cost-efficient for batteries in all sorts of areas.”

Recently, scientists from the university of Pennsylvania State even though a flow battery, which uses CO2 molecules in water are resolved. The amount of energy in that battery can be stored is, however, still very limited in comparison with other designs.

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