New Jersey bill to let illegal immigrants leaders get bills advances to governor’s Desk

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, notes are expected to obtain to sign a bill into law that would allow the illegal immigrants, the leader, according to the reports.

The bill went to the Governor’s Desk Monday after it was approved in separate votes in the New Jersey Assembly and the Senate during the last session of the year. Murphy has not said if he plans to sign the bill to write, but he had repeatedly urged the democratic-led legislature to push it forward.


Immigrants celebrated in Trenton, the capital of the Federal state, to support the passage of the bill on Monday in a local Church, as seen in a video movement, an immigrant advocacy group, posted on Twitter by Cosecha.

Proponents argue that the measure could be used to increase the security, because many immigrants travel without legal documentation, without licenses and insurance.

“The legislature expanded the Assembly hall and the Senate today is fair and responsible,” the Assembly of the speaker Craig Coughlin, a Democrat, told The Wall Street Journal. “It brings us one step closer to ensuring that all vehicles and drivers are insured, thus creating safer roads for all New Jersey residents.”

The legislation would give to get illegal immigrants over 16 years of “Green light”, driver’s licences and learner’s permits. Among the conditions that can be presented to foreign documents such as a passport or driving licence and used in the application process. A social security number is not required.

Thirteen States, including Delaware and New York, and the district of Columbia allow the migrants without legal status to obtain driver’s licenses, according to the National Conference of State legislatures.

Safety and security risks?

The New Jersey bill also contains safeguards to protect the identity of illegal immigrants from Federal agencies – something that critics say will help reduce election fraud and make both public safety and national security risk.

“As the disclosure of illegal immigrants that we know works already, the law has been broken, can go a official document, to make us safer?” The honourable member Ron dancer, a Republican, said the magazine.

“As the disclosure of illegal immigrants that we know works already, the law has been broken, can go a official document, to make us safer?”

— The Honourable Member Ron Dancer, R-N. J.

Speaking on “Fox & Friends” Monday, Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the Secretary Chad Wolf, the legislation would restrict the Agency’s access to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) data to the Federal investigations.

“It is very similar to what we see with the sanctuary policy in the whole country, which, said again, are not to protect the communities and the law enforcement trying to do their job[s],” Wolf. “And that’s really the context of “protecting the homeland” perspective.”

Two-level system

The legislation employs a two-tiered driver’s license system. A license would comply with the Federal REAL-ID requirements, proof of legal residence. A different license that would allow people without legal status a license.

Cosecha-movement of the legislation’s passage in New Jersey celebrated after a two-year campaign to drive the “right, without fear of ICE-detention.”

“This legislation means that I have my children go to school, work, and go to hospitals with peace of mind,” Caritina Hernandez, a Cosecha leader, told Insider NJ. “For many years, parents such as I had, our daily life with fears, we would be pulled in order to avoid being punished, as court dates, or even worse, separated from our families, since we can’t ride legally in NJ – this ends today.”


The New Jersey law was amended by the Parliament on the same day in New York law, illegal immigrants set to obtain driver’s licenses effect Monday. An inlfux of applicants flooded in, DMV offices in the state to apply as an immigrant — with documents in hand-suddenly the promotion for the licenses regardless of their U.S. citizenship.

Fox News’ Julia Musto, Fox Business ” Audrey Conklin and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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