‘New drug against neurodegenerative brain diseases discovered’

‘New drug against neurodegenerative brain diseases discovered’

Scientists have identified two new drugs found that the brain would protect against neurodegenerative brain diseases, including dementia.

That, reports the BBC. In 2013, a similar drug found, but that was after testing on animals are not suitable. The drug managed to prevent brain cells dying, but also caused serious damage to other organs.

That would be in the newly discovered medication is not the case. Professor Giovanna Mallucci of the MRC Toxicology Unit in Leicester, called the discovery “amazing”.

The two different medications: trazodone, which is used by people with depression, and DBM, a drug that is currently being tested in cancer patients.

The new medications are now tested on mice. It also helped to ensure that the progression of prion diseases (fatal course of the virus infection of the central nervous system) was discontinued. Further investigation revealed that the medications were working against a variety of degenerative brain diseases.


Mallucci wants the medications will soon test with dementia patients and are expected within two to three years to know whether the promises of it, indeed, be fulfilled. “Diseases such as Alzheimer’s will not fully be healed, but by the progression to a halt, there will be life.”

She stresses that people who trazodone had already swallow with the medication, need to experiment and have to wait until the results are known.

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