New depression treatment is reimbursed by multiple health insurance companies

New depression treatment is reimbursed by multiple health insurance companies

TMS, a new therapy for depression that the brain electrically stimulates, goes through a minimum of three Dutch health insurers are reimbursed. The therapy helps people who are no benefit from pills or gesprektherapie.

That reports the Volkskrant on Friday. TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and would work for three in ten people with depression. When TMS is combined with talk therapy, it would be the genezingskans rise.

Currently offer only a few practices the therapy to which the patient must pay. Trade association of health Insurers the Netherlands reports that these new therapy is scientifically proven and so are safe.

ZN therefore advises its members to TMS to compensate in combination with talk therapy to uitbehandelde patients. VGZ and Silver Cross have this advice followed, and De Friesland health insurance company does this according to a spokesperson “very soon”. The expectation is that other health insurance companies follow.

Restored balance

At TMS with electrical pulses, brain cells are excited into more or less activity. This is the balance will be restored in the prefrontal cortex, where emotions are controlled.

TMS is not major: there is no general anesthesia or hospitalization. The treatment takes twenty minutes and is the first six weeks of repeated daily.


Professor of psychotic disorders Iris Sommer finds it positive that the therapy is now offered by several health insurance companies, but finds it “a pity” that it is waited with TMS to patients first time, other resources and methods have used.

“The longer you wait, the harder it is to cure depression.” Also cheers for the they do not that TMS is combined with talk therapy, because it is not in any type of patient would fit. People would be in this choice of freedom.

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