New care plans have US care for 23 million additional uninsured patients

New care plans have US care for 23 million additional uninsured patients

Under the new American social services will be in 2026, 23 million Americans additional uninsured are compared to the current legislation.

It is the first time that the effect of the new zorgregels president Donald Trump is calculated. The House of Representatives voted earlier this month in the care plan of the government. The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, is thus replaced.

Next year would be 14 million Americans their health insurance to lose. In 2026, according to the independent court of auditors of the Congress, a total of 51 million people without health insurance are sitting, compared to the 28 million uninsured patients who under Obamacare would be.

The new plans will save the government over the next ten years converted 106 billion euros.

Tax benefit

In the new care plan, among other things, the belastingsubsidies abolished under Obamacare were granted on the basis of the income and the costs for care in the place of residence of the insured. That need to be replaced by a tax benefit that is primarily based on age.

To older people can be charged more by insurers: the determination that they are older people not more than three times as much could count on than young people disappears. Also, there is no protection guaranteed more for people who have a pre-existing condition at the time that they take out insurance.

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