New blood test gives a survival rate ebola to

New blood test gives a survival rate ebola to

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The blood of ebolapatiënten contains a ‘molecular barcode’ to which the risk of death or survival can be measured. That has a team of scientists from the University of Liverpool discovered.

The researchers took samples of infected and convalescent patients who are ebola climbed during the outbreak of the virus in West Africa between 2013 and 2016.

From the results of the study, published in the scientific journal Genome Biology, shows that a small number of genes with accuracy, you can predict whether a patient will survive. The scientists compared the blood samples of patients with those of people who are now free of the ebola virus.

There was more to read that the naturalkillercel populations increased in patients who have the virus infection survived. Because of these and other gene expression-selecting properties, the researchers were able to a bloedprofiel compilation of both someone who has the virus probably survives on a patient with the disease succumb.


“This study is a breakthrough in the investigations into the effects of the dengue fever virus. It shows that the response of the patient to the virus infection must be quickly examined, so that there is valuable information about the consequences of the disease,” says virologist is in order, Julian Hiscox, who worked on the research.

“The results of the study, the treatment of patients with possible outbreaks of the virus in the future,” adds professor Miles Carroll, research director at Public Health England.

The outbreak of ebola since december 2013, more than 11,000 human lives. It was the worst outbreak of ebola so far. At the end of march 2016 had the world health organisation know that the virus is no longer an emergency situation of international importance for the volkgsgezondheid.

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