‘New album from Jay-Z reached within a week platinum status’

‘New album from Jay-Z reached within a week platinum status’

Photo: AFP

Less than a week after the appearance, the new album from rapper Jay-Z, 4:44, the platinum status is reached. There was already 1.5 billion times to the songs listened to. That is since last year equal to a million albumverkopen.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the American music industry represents, announced Wednesday that the rapper, who is actually Shawn Carter hot, the platinum status had been achieved.

“Compliments for Jay, he did it again geflikt”, says the boss of the organization. “A platinum album that will add to an already iconic career.”

The platinaplaat is Jay-Zs thirteenth. That is more than any other hip hop artist.

RIAA paste earlier this year, the procedures around gold and platinum albums, so streamingcijfers now also be counted. Entertainment Weekly calculated that 4:44, that only came out on Jay-Z’s music platform Tidal, 1.5 billion times streamed to to the status.


Variety questioned the calculation, which has not been made public by the RIAA. Jay-Z works for the album along with phone company Sprint, that the album would be a gift to someone, to subscribers. The company purchased downloads would have already been counted, though they are probably not all consumers have ended up.

The magazine also discovered that a from the date of publication attached photo of the boss of the RIAA and Jay-Z and a plaque of platinum-album is old: the picture would be all for the release of 4:44 are created.


Music platform Tidal came early this year, discredited, after it claimed three million subscribers. Research by the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv showed that the platform can be connected to record labels in april 2016 paid for approximately 850.000 subscribers. Tidal was originally part of a Norwegian company.

Analysts estimate that Tidal currently has about a million users. That would be so per person five hundred times to the songs on the album have listened to the claimed 1.5 billion.

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