New 9/11 account recalls the harrowing moments before the flight 93 crash: “I’m going to the ram of the’cockpit’

in the vicinityVideoNew book collects the eyewitness accounts of 9/11

Author Garrett Graff says: “The Only aircraft in the sky” allows the reader to experience the fear, the confusion and sadness that so many felt first-Hand on September 11, 2001.

“You made the decision to not make the we have.”

These are the words of Lieutenant Colonel Marc Sasse Ville, as remembered 18 years later in a new account of Sept. 11, 2001, attacks from the perspective of the decision-makers in Washington, survivors, military service members and families aboard United flight 93, which was hijacked, before passengers fought back and brought the plane down.

Sasse Ville — a F-16 Air Force pilot who, together with Lieutenant Heather “Lucky” Penney, was tasked with ending of flight 93 by any means necessary from weapons-grade, as the jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that morning, praised the courageous passengers for exactly this, to sacrifice himself in order to foil terrorists.


But the new book, “The Only airplane in the sky: An Oral history of 9/11” by Garrett M. Graff, the details ended in the harrowing moments before the everything.

Top Bush administration officials scrambled to respond. From a bunker, then – Vice President Dick Cheney planned for the possibility of shooting down of flight 93. For Sasse Ville and Penney, they were on a suicide mission.

Investigators comb the debris field for the detection of United Airlines flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on Sept. 12, 2001. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer TMS – RP2DRIDOSIAA

Because they had no missiles, each operation, take flight 93 to be your life on the line.

“We RAM would plane the. We don’t [have said missiles] on Board to shoot the airplane down,” Penney. “We put on our flight gear in the life support shop, Sat, looked at me and said, ‘I’m going to the cockpit of ram.’ I made the decision I would take the tail off the plane.”

This would be the last resort, if you are otherwise not a redirection of the aircraft. At the time, said Sasse Ville,,, he “to want to in this moral or ethical justification for the needs of the many, the needs of the few.”

It was a suicide mission, but they were willing to do it, if necessary.

“I really believed that was the last time I took it up,” Penney said. “If we do it right, it would be.”


Excerpts from the book, now published, was first published by Politico.

The permission for the execution of an operation, which is usually unknown, with a commercial flight, killing the passengers in the process – came from Cheney, the planning was a measure from a bunker under the White house. The Vice President discussed with President George W. Bush, who agreed the course of action.

Bush was aboard Air Force One, because Washington, DC, was considered to be too dangerous, and most of the time he was cut off from the earth due to the lack of in-flight internet access in the year 2001. Senior adviser, Karl Rove, the should.with Bush at the time, a witness to a conversation between the President and Vice-President

“He turned to us and said that he only authorized the shoot-down of hijacked flight,” Rove recalled.

Cheney said the decision to bring United flight 93 “that was a close call” after he watched the Twin Towers fall and the Pentagon had been hit.

“It had to be done. As soon as the plane has been hijacked, even if it had a load of passengers on Board, which, of course, were part of a hijacking attempt, after they had seen what happened in New York and the Pentagon, they really had no other choice.”


Before he came, Cheney, then-National security adviser Condoleezza Rice and others began their day as usual. Everything changed after the second plane the World Trade Center hit. They understood that the first strike was no accident, and the US is under attack.

Then radar, another aircraft was in the direction of Washington, and they were quickly rushed out of the White house by the Secret Service, the hidden bunker.

“I remember, driven, driven almost along,” rice recalls. “We had no idea where it was safe and where was not. We do not believe that the bunker of the White house was sure at this point.”

“A few moments later,” Cheney said, “I found myself in a fortified White house command post somewhere down below.” The bunker had build before as a Cold war Bunker that had never been necessary.

Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta used a monitor to track the locations of every plane in the country.


With Bush on Air Force One, Cheney personally responsible for the situation on the ground. His background prepared him for the worst.

“As bad as the events of 9/11 were, some of us practiced the exercises for a much more dangerous and difficult circumstances, a Soviet nuclear attack on the United States,” he recalled. “It helped that the training occurred this morning.”

To pounce if United 93 was followed, because of the give in the direction of Washington, DC that he was ready, the order to you.

It has proven to be unnecessary, because the passengers took matters into their own hands. The men and women on this flight had learned about what had happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and were determined to fight back, to prevent a similar attack.

Graff-book, published by Avid Reader Press, closes the accounts of a telephone operator, and the love, the voice of the passengers on Board the flight, before she brought it crashing down in a Pennsylvania field, killing himself and the kidnappers.

“We wait until we get over a rural area. We take back the plane,” passenger Tom Burnett told his wife Deena, who spoke to him on the phone, while he was in the air. She said she begged him to do everything, endanger himself, but he insisted: “If you are going to crash this airplane, we are going to have to do something.”

Verizon Airfone operator Lisa Jefferson spoke about her conversation with passenger Todd Beamer.

“I could hear the excitement in the background. I heard screaming, the Stewardess,” she said. Was Beamer, the wife is pregnant with their third child in the time, but when Jefferson offered to rejected him, he, in order not to disturb you. Instead, Jefferson said he gave her his phone number and a Jefferson asked his wife if something happened.

Jefferson was heard to projector different questions, “Are you ready?” then say, “OK. Let’s roll.”

Meanwhile, in New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, police and fire brigade came, the officers who responded to the attacks on the Twin Towers. Graff’s book includes accounts from survivors who were on the World Trade Center to help that day, even as a first-Responder, which is encrypted, in the midst of total chaos.

“I was pretty sure that we are the most prepared place in the United States for emergency – —perhaps in the world,” he said. “That was beyond anything I imagined.”

Bush was finally taken to an Air Force base outside of Omaha, Nebraska. By the evening, the President was on the way back to the White house. Congress leaders, who were taken to a remote location, back to Washington. They were on the Capitol by approximately 200 members of the house of representatives and the Senate. After the speeches were delivered, they broke into “God Bless America”.


These answers that the day loan, the passengers of United 93, the for your quick to act and prevent the deadliest terrorist attack in history is even worse.

“The real heroes are the passengers on flight 93 who were willing to sacrifice themselves,” Penney are.

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