Never, in a year’s time, the more mass murders in US city

On average, in the United States of america, nearly every nine days, a mass murder, place, show on Saturday, a poll conducted by news agency AP, the united states the newspaper USA Today, and the Northeastern University in Boston. In 2019, there were 41 attacks, killing at least four people were killed, the highest number since the survey in 1970.

The fact that the majority of the attacks were shootings. In eight of the cases, a weapon such as an axe or a knife are used. In the eighteen mass murders had aanslagpleger it on their own, the family wanted to.

In total, there were 211 deaths, which is another negative record will not be broken in 2017 and there were thirteen people killed. Then, the united states, the most massaschietpartij in the history of the country, at the time a man is in his hotel room and opened fire on you.

The US was once again this year, with a large number of massaschietpartijen. From the study of ” Gun Violence Archive (GVA) shows that, up to the 28th of december, certainly, 412 time, the incident took place. The organization was to the shooters and at least four injured, the U.s. intelligence agency FBI, there was never a definition of what constitutes an massaschietpartij (mass shooting) are provided.

According to the AP, brought some of the mass killings and massaschietpartijen less than the national news, because they have been overshadowed by other ‘bigger’ events such as the massaschietpartijen, Ohio, Texas, and El Paso, this year.

Some of the mass murders in the united states during the past year:

  • January 19: a Man kills his mother, stepfather, girlfriend, and a nine-month-old daughter with an axe
  • On January 23, Five men will be the victim of a bank robbery in Florida
  • 25 January: In the Georgia is to be a mother and a daughter living in the house were killed, and on the street, the fire is to be opened
  • January 27: A man shoots his date, and her brother and father, and with his own parents ‘ death
  • June 3: Twelve persons are killed in a shooting near a primary road in Virginia
  • August 3: 22 and the people at a Walmart in El Paso, is to be shot to death
  • August 4: In Ohio, a few hours after the shooting rampage at the Texas ten people were killed

‘In this era of anger and frustration’

Criminologist James Densley said in the interview to the news agency reported that the number of mass killings is due to a “time of anger and frustration”. He thinks that the figures are quite remarkable, as the average number of homicides in the US, has for some time been declining.

Most of the mass murders that have been committed in the state of California, where the most rigorous arms export control from the US of a is in force.

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