‘Neuroblastoma possible to treat with medicijncombinatie’

‘Neuroblastoma possible to treat with medicijncombinatie’

The combination of the drugs busulfan and melphalan could ensure that children have a greater chance to cure neuroblastoma, the most common outside of the skull located solid tumor. Also would this medicijncombinatie less severe side effects.

That concluded researchers from the Karolinska Institute and the Karolinska University Hospital. They tested children from different countries. 598 children were treated, of whom 296 the new medicijncombinatie of busulfan and melphalan were given.

That study found that the chance of gebeurtenisvrije survival of children that busulfan-melphalan received after three years is 50 percent, compared to 38 percent in the control group. In addition, they had no longer a 10 percent chance of suffering from serious, life-threatening side effects, but 4 percent.

Neuroblastomas occur mainly in young children. Most of the patients are not older than two years.

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