Netherlands in European top three risky drinking

Netherlands in European top three risky drinking

The Dutch are in the top three of most problematic drinkers in Europe. Only the Irish and Danes to drink even more.

From the international research under 115.000 people to risky alcohol and drug use, shows that only thirty percent of the Dutch population has the intention to slow down, reports Nieuwsuur.

3.219 the Dutch filled in a questionnaire for the global study on drugs and alcohol. Young people and people who like to have something with alcohol and drug use during the study over-represented.

Problematic drinking means that a drinker relatively often urgent need of help, are not able to remember what happened, and suffer from a sense of guilt and regret afterwards.

What happens in your body after drinking alcohol?


Especially the Dutch guy drinks a lot. More than forty percent of the men drink problem much, in the rest of the world is 25 percent. 27 percent of Dutch women do drink a lot, compared to twenty percent worldwide.

A striking difference between drink – and drug use is that people alcohol is not worse when they get older, while this does happen with drugs.

Did you know that you sleep better if you stop drinking alcohol? More benefits you can read on

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