Netherlands accused of killing a Romanian girl who was death

The Dutchman, who is on the kidnapping and killing of an eleven year old girl in Romania, it is suspected, has passed away. It’s going to be a 47-year-old man, it is Monday, it was confirmed by the Dutch Public prosecution service (OM).

The man has been killed in a car accident in the province of Noord-Brabant in town Escharen. The police had on Monday a little after 16.00 hours, and a report on the accident.

According to a spokesperson for the police department, it was a head-on collision on the Vegetasscheweg, up to 80 kilometerweg in a rural area of the municipality of Grave.

The accused man died on the spot. The truck was turned upside down by the impact, but the truck driver, as far as we know, not injured. The exact circumstances of the accident is still under investigation. In accordance with the ORDER, it appears that the man is aware of on the truck is broken in.

Dutchman has worked with the girl on the pictures to see it

The defendant would, Romania girl Mihaela Fieraru Friday afternoon, his car may have been taken when she was in her village in Gura Sutii, after school and on the way back home.

On the camera, you could see how the Dutch are with the little girl in the vehicle and driving around. The body of the child was on Sunday found in a field outside the village. Mihaela was wrapped in plastic wrap.

According to Romanian media, she is by strangulation, to the life to come. The investigation into the death of a young girl being carried out by the Romanian police. It’s TO let you know that the Dutch police and of the Romanian colleagues, where required support.

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