Netanyahu recalls ambassador to U.S. to vote Security council

Netanyahu recalls ambassador to U.S. to vote Security council

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday the Us ambassador called on for consultation. Reason is that the united states is in the UN Security council from voting on the resolution about the building of settlements in occupied territory by Israel.

It is not known when the ambassador needs to report.

Due to the US not to veto judgments, as is usual in this subject, the resolution was adopted. Fourteen of the fifteen members of the council voted for the resolution. It is Israel, you are prompted with the build to stop.

Ambassadors from ten other countries were Sunday at the Israeli ministry of Foreign Affairs to report to a reprimand, to take receipt.

Devious manoeuvre

The abstain from the vote was, according to Netanyahu “a devious anti-Israeli manoeuvre of the government of Barack Obama”.

Obama and Netanyahu have never been good with getting along, the olympics, and Netanyahu sees in the sudden loss of the support of the US retaliation of Obama January 20, retires.

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