Nerves forearm Freek Vonk heavily damaged after haaienbeet

Nerves forearm Freek Vonk heavily damaged after haaienbeet

Photo: Freek Vonk

Freek Vonk has after his last Thursday suffered haaienbeet, no feeling in the skin of his forearm. According to the biologist are the nerves in that area were heavily damaged.

“But nerves can regenerate, so this sense would be able to come back in a few weeks or months. Warranties, however, there are not”, let Spark through Facebook know.

However, let says he is very satisfied with the recovery of the many stitches that he received and he can his arm just move.

“The large open wound on my upper arm was too intense to show on social media, but the sutures on the other hand see there is brilliant!” Unbelievable how nice this was, especially considering the fact that my upper arm to pieces lag and I even get to my muscles saw.”


In Vonks biceps are some cracks, but that would be according to the presenter the next time can heal.

Generally, he is positive about his recovery in a hospital in the Us Miami: “There is still a considerable chance on an infection, that’s why I keep still under the supervision (…). Hope to see you all again soon with my right arm, a large “shark-five” to give”, jokes Spark.

Freek Vonk was last week in the Bahamas while shooting for a new program that is bitten by a reef shark. According to the biologist, the fish would have been mistaken.

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