Nenah De Coninck endorses Clean Clothes campaign: ‘Together we can make a difference’

How clean are the outfits of our athletes? The Clean Clothes campaign calls on sports brands on to be honest to produce. Young, promising talent Nenah De Coninck supports this campaign and hopes to inspire others.

Nenah De Coninck © BELGA

Gent Fair Trade teamed up with the City of Ghent and the Oxfam fair trade shop in Ghent-centre for fair textile on the map in Ghent. During the Fair Fashion Talk #4 the question asked was: ‘Fair Wear, fair trade, Fair Trade… What is that now, honest textiles?’. During the Fashion Talk, there was also a surprising present: Ghent promising hordeloopster Nenah De Coninck announced that they are the #CleaneKleren campaign signed.

How did you come to join the #CleaneKleren campaign and why do you find it an important campaign?


The clean clothes campaign fits perfectly with my values and standards.

Nenah: ‘I came a while ago in contact with a Gent Fair Trade in connection with the Clean Clothes campaign. I searched via Google for more information and realized that there are a lot of factors to take into consideration before you “clean” clothes can speak. I was never really stop and think about how the clothing industry, the well-being of our fauna and flora affected. I thought it was a great initiative, and because this year they focus on a clean sportswear, I decided to me with this. As an athlete of high level, I believe in a clean sport, the clean clothes campaign fits perfectly with my values and standards.

The campaign is, I think, important to have a certain buzz to create. Today on tomorrow we can the problems that have occurred over the decades have developed, not problems, but I do believe that we, step by step, in the long term, can make a difference.’

What does that commitment mean to you?

Nenah De Coninck © Belga

Nenah: “I see this commitment as a starting point and a huge incentive to me to stay committed to clean clothes in the sport, and also in addition. I understand that it is not easy, and I realize I’m alone the world is not going to change. I do believe in self responsibility and I hope I other people can inspire and convince to do the same.’

Did you have the impression that there is a lot of choice in the fair sportswear market can compete with? Or just not?

Nenah: “No, not at all. There are already not that many quality sports brands, and it is also very difficult to ascertain how honest a brand of clothing actually is. Many big stores which the clothes are not clean and honestly made, starting today, it is also a sportkledinglijn. Because these chains have been so popular, here are so many clothes bought. In addition, this sports wear is usually not really comfortable for a long, intense workout in to work.


It will never be perfect, but together we can all make a really big difference.

I am so enormously happy and proud that I wear the clothes of 4254, a 100% Belgian sportswear brand of Elodie Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlee, can and should contribute. It will never be perfect, but if everyone here would think, we would already make a very big difference.’

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