Negotiators American Congress to reach agreement on budget

The Republicans and Democrats in Congress are agreed on the funding of border security.

According to Republican senator Richard Shelby, there is an agreement in principle was reached by the negotiators from the Congress. In the coming days the agreement will be further developed.

Shelby wants no details about the agreement until the plan is fully prepared. But he left hints that the negotiators have to agree on the funding of border security.

According to Nita Lowey, a representative of the Democrats, can the plan Wednesday, has already been worked out.

‘1.4 billion dollars for the construction of 88 kilometers of fence

According to an employee of one of the Congressmen includes the agreement in the amount of $ 5.7 billion for the limes wall. In the plan is eur 1.375 billion dollars have been earmarked for the construction of a fence of 88 km on the border between Mexico and the region Rio Grande Valley in the state of Texas.

President Donald Trump, who still must approve the plan, had previously been threatened with a new ‘shutdown’, as he his requested billions of dollars for the construction of the limes wall.

With the agreement hoping for both parties, a new ‘shutdown’ to prevent. The previous partial closure of the overheidsloketten went in on the 22nd of december and lasted 35 days. It went for the longest “shutdown” ever in the US.


Democrats react fiercely to “shutdown” and ” State of the Union

Congress and Trump have yet to agree with plan

Trump wants $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a limes wall, one of his election. The Democrats had already let them know that there is no money to want to pull it out. Senator Shelby would not say whether there is in the agreement, money is included for the limes wall. However, he said that he hoped that Trump the plan aims to support.

“We think and we hope,” said the Republican. The Congress must for Friday night, agree with the plan, because the budget proposal that on 25 January it was filed expires. If not, then enter the ‘shutdown’ again in operation.

Trump let us know that the details of the agreement yet do not know. “Just so you know, we’re going to that wall yet build,” he said in the border town of El Paso, Texas, where he spoke about how a wall on the border with Mexico, Americans will need to protect.

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