Nearly seven hundred immigrants, and U.S.-were arrested following police raids

To approximately 680 of illegal residents in the Us state of Mississippi have been Wednesday night, after the police raided her. Federal authorities called it one of the most arrestatieacties is within the boundaries of a single state.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), arrested the migrants, seven food processing plants in the Mississippi river.

CNN is reporting that the ICE took advantage of the counselors who are employed by a number of plants.

For example, a worker is between 500 and 800 dollars, and have received by an undocumented worker, that he had been instructed.


The american police force picks up during the raids, nearly 700 illegal immigrants

Children are being cared for in a gym

Some of the children of migrants, had no place to sleep after their parents were arrested. The children were on the street to be picked up and taken to a local fitness center to put. They were volunteers with food and beverages.

According to local authorities, it will be a part of the migrants for humanitarian reasons, is to be temporarily released from custody. This is exactly what is meant, is not clear. Potentially, this means that parents will be left to their children to find.

Later, they were in for a court appearance.


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