“Nearly half the mental patients to avoid care’

“Nearly half the mental patients to avoid care’

Almost half of patients who suffer with mental health problems makes no use of the emergency services or medication, especially because of the high costs, according to a Monday published study of more than 10,000 patients.

The research was carried out on behalf of the patiëntenkoepels National Platform for mental health care (GGz), Patiëntenfederatie the Netherlands and Ieder(in), reports Trouw on Monday.

The contrast with patients who have a physical condition is great. There is only one in the three cases care is avoided.

Psychischische patients see, for example, by a visit to the psyschiater, day care for people with mental health problems do not pay, or eventually decide yet, but no medicine to swallow.

Complex problems

The study also shows that almost half of the psychiatric patients will find that it is difficult to take good care to find out if they need it. That problem is most commonly reported by people with complex mental health problems.

Waiting on treatments and costs are often a greater threshold for mental patients than for other patients.According to the Mental health care need especially people with borderline, autism and compulsion and anxiety disorders long wait for treatment.

Intellectual disability

People with an intellectual disability also report that they have more problems to take good care to find. They say that finding good care them more energy.

Chairman of the board at GGZ Friesland, Adriaan Jansen says in Trouw that especially people with mental health problems who are on a low income have problems finding good care. “Therefore, we should also take more into account than we did. And while we are large institutions become, the care should be on a smaller scale. The relationship with patients is often more important than medication.”

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