Nearly a hundred arrests since the new unrest in the region of Catalonia

The Catalan police have found 97 people arrested since the beginning of the unrest, on Monday, in the main, it is created. Which had nine local politicians in the nine-to-thirteen years in prison for their role in illegally placed onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in 2017.

Madrid and the Catalan police will continue to work as long as it is needed, stressed binnenlandminister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska on Thursday. The people who have been arrested are, according to him, would not go unpunished.

Grande-Marlaska is the regional director of the autonomous region, the violence in the protest to condemn it. The action, which began on Monday will be repeated out of hand. So, stop all the protesters on Wednesday in Barcelona the car was on fire, and throwing them with molotov cocktails.

For the safety and security of the region, in the north-east of Spain in order to ensure the government is taking all necessary measures, according to the Grande-Marlaska. Earlier, the prime minister announced that the federal government’s agents to the region of Catalonia is going to send you.


Why would Catalonia be an independent country?

Spain wants the former prime minister to court

The former prime minister Carles Puigdemont, from Catalonia, fled shortly after the referendum is out of the country. He has lived since then, in Brussels, belgium. The fact that nine of his colleagues are guilty of sedition, he considers it as an “abomination”.

Shortly after the convictions were announced by the supreme court on a European arrest warrant issued for Puigdemont issue. According to a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Brussels, Spain on Wednesday, a warrant for the arrest of the politician is to receive.

However, the warrant does not comply with the requirements. In accordance with Belgian law, such a request is in one of the national languages or in English are to be written. The prosecutor’s office expects to have the new version, and in the course of the next week.

In a controversial referendum in 2017 along with over 2.3 million Catalans turned up, a rise of 42 per cent of the electorate. More than 90 per cent agreed to prior to independence. As a result, it decided in Madrid, the regional government will temporarily take over.

The illegal referendum that took place then, Carles Puigdemont, the premier of Catalonia, and it was. (Photo: Reuters)


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