Nearly 44,000-year-old hunting scene, discovered by archaeologists, the oldest stories in art

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A cave painting in Indonesia in the likeness of a wild animal, and the alien hunters, it is the oldest known piece of storytelling and art, researchers say.

The picture has been painted, at least 43,900 a year ago, and was first discovered on the island of Sulawesi, according to a team led by the archaeologist’s Maxim Aubert and Adam Brumm.

In the human, in part animal, hunters are depicted on the bas-relief to show that the people of that time believed in the supernatural beings, according to the scientists’ report, which was published in Nature.

“We’re going to assume that these ancient artists were Homo sapiens, and that the spirituality and religious thinking is part of the very beginning of the human culture in Indonesia,” Brumm told Science News.


This is part of a newly described, ancient hunting scene that contains a miniature buffalo, or anoa (to the right), with a view of the five weaknesses in human-animal figures-wielding britney spears, ropes, a study finds.
M. Aubert et al, Nature, In 2019, R. (Sardi)

The two pigs, and four miniature-buffalo, called the anoas be in the cave, the art scene, the scientists said.


In addition to the eight small figures of human and animal characteristics, and seem to be hunting the pigs, as well as anoas.

“We are in dire need of in order to try to figure out why this art is dying out and what can be done about it,” Brumm told Science News.

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