NC sheriff hopeful apologizes for joke about taking weapons away from the “cold, naked hands”

A democratic candidate for sheriff in North Carolina apologized on Sunday for making a joke about taking weapons away from the “cold, bare hands.”

R. Daryl Fischer, who is seeking the democratic party nomination in the upcoming PV-election to the Buncombe County sheriff, in the criticism following the fall of his observations to a monthly Moms Demand Action meeting for gun control earlier this month.

During his short speech, where he support for a ban on high-capacity magazines and “any weapon specifically for military use,” he joked about the weapons away, once the people are dead.

“Don’t believe the scaremongering, because you’ve heard people say, ‘you will have to pry my gun from my cold, bare hands”,” a fisherman is heard, said in a video released by his campaign at the 3:04 minute mark. “OK … If you pass, we will get it,” he laughed.

The remark prompted laughter and applause from the audience, but he added that he was “a joke, just a little bit.”

The sheriff of hope will be told, North Carolina News & Observer on Monday that “a one-sentence clip from this Assembly was taken out of context and spread through social media with a false interpretation of what I actually said.”

Fisher even an apology issued, the joke, saying it was a “mistake” he should not have made, and reaffirmed his support for the Second Amendment, although he favors some gun-control measures.

“It is a statement that many have taken so far to kick off, I have to admit, the joke was a mistake and I should not have joked,” Fischer wrote on his Facebook page, noting that the government “may not take away any weapons or other items that can be sold legally, before any new laws are effective.”

“Responsible gun owners have nothing to fear. We don’t have anything else to do, because what has been done, is the work,” he added.

Lukas Mikelionis is a reporter for Follow him on Twitter @Lukas mikelionis.

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