Natuurgenezer Klaus Ross: ‘No idea how three patients died’

The German natuurgenezer Klaus Ross said Friday in court in the German Krefeld no idea how or which three patients of him after his treatment in 2016 his death. Justice blames him for the death of the patients, of whom two Dutch, are.

Ross treated in his clinic Brought in, just over the border in Roermond, five cancer patients with the legal means of 3-broompyruvaat (3-BP).

The three deceased patients died in 2016 of an overdose of this drug. This happened due to an inaccurate scale, according to justice. Ross would also have not checked whether the on the body weight of the patients weighed dose accuracy.

According to his lawyer Ursula Bissa, however, there was nothing wrong with the scale. How it is possible that the patients up to seven times possible to overdose and consequently death, can understand Ross not. “Also I would like to know”, swore Friday he.

Ross don’t even understand where it could go wrong

Ross ordered a total of 100 grams of the drug between late 2015 and July 2016. He don’t even understand how it’s so serious could go wrong, because he was the months before, without any problems or significant side effects with the remedy had worked.

The American supplier of the commodity refuses to make a statement, said Bissa. It was Ross, however, noticed that the last supply of the substance 3-BP in a other than the previously customary packaging was. It is possible there was something wrong with the goods delivered, think Ross.

That is, perhaps, not more, because he is the last delivered 3-DB has to be returned to the supplier. Something that he now regretted, he said.

No scientific evidence for operation means

Ross emphasized for the court that he patients are always modeled by 3-DB is in an experimental stage was located. There was no scientific evidence for its operation. Ross believed in the product because of the few side effects seemed to have.

He pointed out that the people who called on him were uitbehandelde cancer patients from the Netherlands were. “They were specified, but because they hope continued to hold, I helped them,” said Ross, “I promised their never healing, the reduction of the cancer,” he said.

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