Nationwide trial check-in with smartphone start for the summer

Nationwide trial check-in with smartphone start for the summer

Photo: Vodafone

The joint public transport companies, KPN and Vodafone join hands together for a new national test in which people can once again check in with their smartphone.

This should still have the sim cards of the travelers to be adapted, confirms a spokesperson of the Cooperative Public Transport compared to the nrc Thursday.

The intention is that for the summer around ten thousand passengers with their smartphones can check in and out at the different transport companies. If the trial is a success, it is the payment system rolled out further in the Netherlands.

First in The Hague

The new trams of HTM in The Hague have the scoop. Since the beginning of april is the for the dozens of travelers as possible, the new payment system via the smartphone. That can in the new generation for urban trams.

Elsewhere in the country, passengers will be able soon to sign up for the service. KPN and Vodafone will then ensure that the new technology arrives on the sim card. To be eligible to participate in the trial, serve travelers, an Android smartphone that has an nfc chip.

The iPhone can not participate in the test. The spokesperson says compared to nrc that this is for safety reasons, is done. Apple has the nfc chip to date, in each case not yet opened up for external developers.

Charging and checkout

With the new payment system on the smartphone, people can their balance, recharge and travel with it to the checkout. However, for the moment it is only possible to the full price for a trip to pay for it, also when someone is in possession of a subscription. Only later are there subscriptions and trajectkaarten added.

Later this year, the Cooperative society wants to Public Transport, that is the owner of Translink, a trial started with a public transport debit card. Translink is the producer of the current ov-chipkaart.

This test will be this summer, initially in HTM and NS be held, with several hundred passengers. HTM the to four for urban trams and the NS going to be the route Leiden-The Hague. The banks and credit card companies who participate in this test are ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, ASN Bank, Regiobank, Mastercard and Visa.


In 2015, there were already two hundred Dutch people to a test, called Smart-OV, in which check-in using the smartphone as the central theme.

The testers were given a special sim card in smartphones with an nfc chip could be used to check-in to the existing public transport points at stations and in buses and trams.

Vodafone integrated Smart-OV in his Wallet app, where when all credit and store cards were kept.

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