Nations League: state of affairs in the four divisions

Belgium is struggling in Division A of the Nations League for the group’s profit, but what is happening in the other divisions? Sport/Voetbalmagazine guides you through the most important facts for the coming interlandweek.

Joachim Löw and Leron Sané have with Germany is full to the bin. © Jan Woitas/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

This week ends the first phase of the first Nations League, a new tournament that is the UEFA for two years, wants to organize in the months after a european CHAMPIONSHIP or world cup. After the completion of the group matches will the Nations League two more times (for a sequel. Of 5 to June 9, 2019 is the final finished among the group winners from Division A. Who that tournament with direct elimination wins, the first laureate of the call. From 26 to 31 march 2020 we will get a second sequel. Than act, they who are not for the EK 2020 could also place in a tournament.

Division A

In group 1 world champion France, the best paper. A point Friday in the Netherlands is sufficient for the group’s profit. If Orange are two games (at home against France, from Germany) wins, it goes to the semi-finals. Germany, the group can not win and drops as soon as the Netherlands wins of France. That does not happen, then the duel in Berlin to be decisive for relegation.

In group 2, we Belgians all the cards in their hands. Four to six is sufficient. Iceland drops to Division B.

In group 3 drops in Poland, and it is from watching Italy-Portugal. A win in Milan or against Poland is sufficient for the group’s profit. Anyone here make it to the final, that in June (5 to 9) organize.

In group 4 is still everything open: both Spain, England and Croatia can the group win, England and Croatia, can still bags.

Division B

In group 1, Ukraine has group profit and promotion to League A bite. The Czech republic and Slovakia make Monday in Prague at the time who drops.

In group 2 leads Russia, but certain of the group’s profit and promotion is the only, if Sweden are two duels (Turkey and Russia) don’t win. Sweden is similar to degradation to be heading.

In group 3 it is sufficient for Bosnia and Herzegovina a draw from Austria to group profit. Win the Austrians two times (also in Northern Ireland, which is still 0 points), then finish it first.

In group 4, Wales on Friday with a win in Cardiff against Denmark for the group win. Four on six and Denmark are promoting. Denmark-Ireland can be a decisive duel for relegation.

Division C

Group 1 is the only with three participants, the rest has four. Both Israel (6 points), Scotland as Albania (both 3 points) could still rise. If Albania home win of Scotland and Scotland’s true Israel ended the three countries is similar and the goal difference decides.

In group 2, Finland (from Greece) the best paper. Estonia has large degradatiezorgen.

Group 3 is exciting, Norway and Bulgaria lead with equal points. The Norwegians play or even twice, Bulgaria once at home. Slovenia must be 4 to 6 get to Cyprus to do degrade.

In group 4kan both Serbia, Montenegro and Romania have a doctorate. Serbia has two home games (Montenegro and Lithuania) and seems to be a favorite. Lithuania has a six on six is required to be able still to save. In League C, in turn, the worst third.

Division D

In group 1, Georgia was already sure of promotion.

In group 2 receives leader Luxembourg tomorrow belarus. Profit means of promotion.

In group 3 Kosovo has two points for Azerbaijan. If Kosovo Friday in Malta wins, it is certain of group’s profit.

In group 4, it is Macedonia’s leader. Four out of six against Liechtenstein and Gibraltar is sufficient for promotion.

Read the full report about the Nations League in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 14 november.

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