National Enquirer Live attraction with Princess Diana and OJ Simpson exhibitions, animatronic Michael Jackson

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The new National Enquirer Live attraction is not shying away from its provocative source material.

The 20,000-square-foot museum attraction, opening Friday in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee., the hope is to give readers a look into the stories behind the stories’, and that includes the outlet’s coverage of the O. J. Simpson trial and Princess Diana’s death, among others.

“It is one of the most interactive museum attractions that have ever opened,” said Rick Laney, a spokesman for the National Enquirer Live (stylized as the National Enquirer Live!) “The purport of all this is to tell the stories behind the stories that the National Enquirer covers.”

The museum attraction hopes to be the guests of “the stories behind the stories, the” law of the editors, photographers and reporters who broke.
(National Enquirer Live)


To this end, the attraction is intended for guests up to 15 separate galleries that are described as “very interactive” – that focus on some of the tabloid’s most popular and most controversial coverage, on topics ranging from conspiracies and true crime to celebrity and politics.

“The most popular stories are often those where these topics are,” Laney says.

The most controversial exhibitions, at least in anticipation of the opening of the museum, also on that bill. In the middle of the galleries on aliens, Bigfoot and the moon landing (and the subsequent moon-landing conspiracies), Laney, confirms a Princess Diana exhibit in the “Royal Closet” area, as well as a recreation of the exterior porch at Nicole Brown Simpson’s house.

A display in the Royal Cabinet area gives the guests a 3-D, computer-generated “view” of Paris, about Aug. 31, 1997, the night Princess Diana was killed in a tragic accident.
(Bettman via Getty Images)

“The Princess Diana [exhibition] is only a small part of what is called the” Royal Closet,” says Laney, who describes the area as a “massive closet in a luxury home” is filled with recreations of outfits worn by the royal family. If the guests leaves, enclosures, screens will be automatically prompted to get more information about the meaning of the clothing, or in which they were worn.

And at the Princess Diana section, a screen shows a 3-D, computer-generated “view” of Paris, about Aug. 31, 1997, the night she was killed in a tragic accident. All that time, audio-clips to share theories around her death, and the guests are requested to provide their own theories on the way out.

“The purport of all this is to tell the stories behind the stories that the National Enquirer covers.”

— Rick Laney


The “Crime” of the exhibition houses the Nicole Brown Simpson house on the recreation, although Laney says there’s nothing “gory” about it. What National Enquirer Live reportedly wants the relay instead, it is the story behind how the outlet obtained a photo of O. J. Simpson’s infamous Bruno Magli shoes, an important piece of evidence in his civil case.

The Crime area of the attraction houses a replica of Nicole Brown Simpson’s front porch, as well as exhibitions about the assassination of JFK and a celebrity mugshot show.
(National Enquirer Live)

The Crime area also contains areas that have to do with the Scott Peterson case, the JFK assassination (complete with a recreation of the book depository window on the opposite side of Dealey Plaza), and a celebrity mugshot area — all of which are interactive, and some with audio clips or visual material that describes how the National Enquirer editors, reporters and photographers worked on the coverage of each story.

That is not even the mention of one of the National Enquirer’s “most popular” stories, which focus on a photo of Michael Jackson in a hyperbaric chamber. And in honor of this, the museum has, indeed, again this picture with an animatronic Michael Jackson embedded in a hyperbaric chamber.

And on the wall above him? A recreation of the moment, Jackson held his son, Prince on the balcony of Berlin’s Adlon Hotel in 2002.

Above the animatronic Michael Jackson (which is embedded in a hyperbaric chamber), the other being Michael Jackson’s likeness appears on a balcony.
(National Enquirer Live)

“You’re not going to come up in the National Enquirer attraction and find stories that are not in the National Enquirer,” Laney explained.


A second location of the National Enquirer Live, is set to open in Branson, Mo., next month. Other locations are currently being explored.

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