Nasrdin Dchar does if you like to walk over to the note from the waiter

Nasrdin Dchar have a bitter taste over a gourmet / fine dining in Chicago on a Saturday night, he wrote on Twitter.

Prior to a theatre performance was played, the Moroccan-Dutch actor, in a conversation with a friendly waiter, who gave him a tv was thought to be known. “I said, ‘yes, Yes, yes, we think it can.” Then you say to the waiter jokingly: “well, At least no Investigation is Requested, ha ha!’.”

The actor said that he was surprised at the comment, and to respond to them. “I tried to put it in my head to justify it: It would good to have. However, I went in, he had to have been eaten, with a bitter aftertaste, back to the show.”

In an additional tweet, add Dchar he added: “at the same time, I am not completely finished with it, it will be a good point. But, alas, I am at this moment in time is also simply too modest or even too cowardly to be able to say to you.”

Dchar won in 2011 with a Gouden Kalf (Dutch oscar for his role in the road movie Rabat. In addition, he appeared in the war drama Süskind, and the theme of The 12th of Oldenheim, Mocro Mafia, and Morton. Currently, he is traveling around with his children’s show, YES.

Soon, I will be playing in the engine room. And I’m just going to eat at a restaurant. When I got the bill, asked the waiter told: by a tv, right? I have to say :Yes, I think it is. Then you say to the Waiter jokingly: “well, at least, not from, law enforcement Claimed, yet’. I think twitter is it? #run

AvatarAuteurNasrdin_DcharMoment of plaatsen17:38 am – november 2, 2019

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