NASA wants to grow vegetables in space

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Even your snooty neighbors to be jealous of the fruit and vegetable garden.

NASA has been looking to grow in to a hybrid version of the New Mexico chile plants in space on the International Space Station as part of an experiment, to begin in March, by the year 2020.

A NASA group has to learn how to get food out of the Earth’s atmosphere, and the chilli plant, it was created with input from Jacob Torres, an Espanola, N. M., native, and a NASA researcher.

FILE – In this Aug. 9, 2017, file photo, Chris Duran, Jr, 7 assists, roasted green chile, and his family out of the Big party in Santa Fe, N. M., A hybrid version of the New Mexico chile is the plant selected to be grown in space as part of a NASA experiment, officials recently announced. (Gabriela Campos Santa Fe New Mexican via AP, File


The point is the uk by the chilli peppers in the area, according to Torres, is to show how the tasks of the Advanced Plant Habitat, which recreates the specific needs of the environment for the growth of plants, such as CO2, humidity, and light, not only for chlorophyll, but for fruit-bearing crops, as well.

“Understanding how to grow plants, to supplement the astronaut’s diet should have essential to our mission to go to Mars,” Torres told the Associated Press. “So, that’s kind of the fuel of our study is that we are doing right now.”

Even though they are not in the vegetable section at the grocery store, peppers are actually considered fruits by botanists, who would be the New Mexico chile plant has the first fruit ever grown in space by NASA.

Earlier, the astronauts have to be grown for the greens, and a zinnia blooming in the area in 2016.

In a recent interview with the Rio Grande Sun, a NASA Plant Physiologist Ray Wheeler, said the space agency is looking for a specific type of plant that could operate with the strict parameters of the international space station.

We are also looking for varieties that do not grow as tall, and still be able to be very productive in the controlled environments that we are going to use the space,” Wheeler told the news outlet.

FILE – the March 20, 2013, file photo, shows bags of dried red chile pods in the Hatch Chile Sale of a shop in the main street of the self-proclaimed “Chile Capital of the World”, in Hatch, N. M., A hybrid version of the New Mexico chile is the plant selected to be grown in space as part of a NASA experiment, officials recently announced. (AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan, File)

The ‘Espanola Improved’ chile, the plant is a cross between northern New Mexico’s seed is the most popular Sandia seed from the Hatch Valley.

Torres added that the chili pepper to stimulate the astronaut’s morale, so give them something to eat that is different than the pre-packaged meals for the astronauts to be used in order to eat it.

“Just by having something fresh to eat, a kind of plant that you grew yourself, being away from home for a long period of time, which gets to the motivation of the employees and brings a positive approach that contributes to the mission you’re doing,” he told the AP. “This is a very important aspect of the research that we’re doing.”


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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