NASA astronaut throws a Pennsylvania absentee ballot from space

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Astronaut Andrew Morgan successfully voted in Tuesday’s election in his own state, in Pennsylvania, and if you skip the process, if it is too much of a hassle, and to consider what he had to do in order to be counted. His vote was cast on board the International Space Station, election officials said on Tuesday — high above the planet, and it is a long distance from the designated polling location,

Ed Allison, director of the Lawrence County Department of Voter Services, said The New Castle News that he has received the Morgan’s absent vote application in the spring. He thought nothing of it until he saw the rookie astronaut to vote in a location that: “the International Space Station, in low orbit around the earth.”

“He was sent to us in a voter registration and absent vote application with any relevant information, his address is,” Allison said. “We have checked his address and he has been a registered voter here in the state.”


Andrew Morgan voted in local elections on Tuesday, by absentee ballot to the board of the International Space Station, the election officials in Pennsylvania, he said.

The iss, which orbits 250 miles above the Earth, and it will serve as a home science lab for astronauts from different countries. Morgan, a U.S. Army emergency physician, blasted off into space in July from Kazakhstan, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

“At the NASA contact is sent to me for the first couple of e-mails to all her clients, as well as the name of the Lord Taboo, and knowing that he had published in the newspaper,” Allison said, “I didn’t have a single doubt anymore. I said, ” We have to get this done.'”

Rick DiBello, the county’s director of IT, created a PDF-file, for Morgan, who will serve as a flight engineer aboard the international space station, with the list of candidates. All he had to do was click on the circle next to the person to whom he wishes to support.

“I thought,” oh, well, that’s pretty cool,” DiBello said. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I have worked with these files before, but not like this.”

This new concept shows the International Space Station passing above the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea.


The ballot was sent to the Morgan, in a separate e-mail on the 10 th of September. The election of officials based at the Lawrence County Courthouse to receive your completed ballot on Nov. 10, along with a photo for the first time.

“My dear Mr. Allison: Thank you for facilitating my voice on the International Space Station,” read the message from the astronauts. “Sincerely, Andrew R. Morgan, COLONEL, U.S. Army, the U.S. Segment will Lead the International Space Station.”

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