Namaakfruit can temperature during transport measure

Namaakfruit can temperature during transport measure

Photo: Empa

A Swiss onderzoeksfirma has namaakfruit developed that the temperature of real fruit in the monitor during transport.

To the nepfruit to scan the company Empa several instances of a kind of fruit, then a computer model of the average shape and texture of the fruit determines.

That average is then with a 3D printer counterfeit. A temperature sensor is in the middle of the namaakfruit placed so that the holes can be held, or the temperature during the transport of a cargo of fruit remains constant.

Currently, similar measurements made with thermometers in containers, but that measure only the air temperature. Empa develops different fruitthermometers for different fruits and even for different varieties of one kind of fruit. Because the texture of flesh is produced, would the temperature sensor be able to accurately determine how cold the center of the real fruit.

The company is still investigating whether the sensors are wireless and can be made and whether the collected data live can be forwarded to transport companies. There would be quick measures can be taken as a cargo of fruit to cold or to warm. Empa believes that a single sensor can be produced for less than 50 euro.

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