Naked blogger claims that they will get the body embarrassed for to lean

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Body-shaming is to make someone feel bad about their body, and it comes in many different forms. Case-in-point, 28 years old, Jessa O’brien’s recent post on her popular blog, “The Naked Blogger,” that is about the body-shaming she has endured as a thin person.


O’brien’s popular Instagram has more than 69,000 followers, is filled with images of O’brien posing nude, the associated captions are almost all focused on body positivity and accept that there are bodies in all shapes and sizes. But, she said in her blog post, that has not stopped endless reactions of the followers about her body, which has resulted in giving her what she calls a “skinny girl complex.” (Even Lady Gaga and the Olympic Aly Raisman faced with attacks from the body-shaming—it’s not cool.)


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“‘Of course, she’s comfortable naked, she’s too skinny.’ ‘Wait until she has five children and she does not have to say any of this.’ These are just some of the examples of the body-shaming I’ve personally experienced,” she says in her blog post. “You don’t have to be fat to be a victim of body-shaming. It is also experienced on the other end of the spectrum, although this aspect tends to fly under the radar a bit more.”

The Gold Coast-based blogger called it a body-shaming double standard: “Why is it ok and more tolerable for fat people talk so boldly about the body-positivity and their achievements celebrated, while on the other hand, skinny people are somewhat redundant, and their message is very often lost in the translation?”

That statement is not exactly true. Despite body positivity his way to the mainstream, overweight people still face a huge amount of discrimination in the society, in particular women. A study published earlier this year showed how powerful the effect of fat-shaming had on overweight women and concluded that overweight women who believed negative messages about themselves were more likely to develop health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.


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With that said, it is still not good for anyone to endure cruel, hateful comments about their appearance. O’brien thinks that people feel that it is right to say that negative comments about skinny people, because they are the media, the fashion industry and the porn industry labeling skinny to be desirable. She said that this her causes to do with a lot of harsh criticism as they try to talk about body positivity.

They may not realize how difficult it may still be too heavy to be in the society of today, but O’brien’s post still highlights an important fact. Making someone feel ashamed of their body, no matter what that body looks like, is body-shaming.

This article originally appeared on the Health of Men


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