Najib Amhali dreamed as a child of the great television show

Najib Amhali dreamed as a child of the great television show

Najib Amhali’s Friday night for the first time in his Friday night programme Little Big Stars. A program where children showcase their talents are allowed to show, without jury or reward. “I had as a child very happy with a program with Henny Huisman want to do.”

As a child, wanted Amhali at the Soundmixshow participate in a film play. “I was always a good laugh, but I knew that road as a child not to walk,” he explains to “It came only from when I was on my eighteenth’m going to acting school.”

Amhali knew very young that he is in the spotlight wanted. “In the past, brought my father to me to the Circus, Mariska. At one time it was Pipo The Clown there and he was looking for someone who could help him. Ultimately, he chose me, and I had my first real gig. It tasted like more.”

The program would Amhali his children to so participate. “The nice thing about Little Big Stars is that children will not be judged on what they do. Without judgment they are allowed for their talent show and that is safe. In one of the broadcasts plays a child, for example, beautifully on a piano. Now I have my son, also a piano given, but for the moment, rams, he-only, unfortunately.”


After a long career in the theatre, a starring role in the film Valentino and now the move to television is Amhali found out that the worlds not to compare. “In the theater, everything is live. The audience gets to see and have to deal with it, but tv can still be a time,” explains Amhali. “A slip of the tongue goes still once again, and everything is, of course, beautifully lit.” These benefits could be the comedian to appreciate because the guests in his program does not always say or do what is expected of them.

“During the recording if you have children that you would like to shine with their talent, but it may also be that they suddenly don’t want to say or do,” he explains. “The children are absolutely not to direct and do what they want to. Occasionally it is difficult that you don’t matter or that they are interested in other things. But I own a children’s theatre background, so understand quite how they are put together. That I solve on my own way by, for example, a question about their hairstyles.”


“I’m not nervous for this program on prime-time broadcast, but slightly excited,” he says. “I have to prepare for this program. So I was in America at Steve Harvey look at the pictures of Little Big Shots, such as the program called.” According to the comedian, had the two instantly click. “Of course We are both comedian and I come from the Netherlands, where his son-in-law (footballer Memphis Depay, ed.) come from.”

Big difference with the American program is that it is in the Netherlands less exaggerated. “Sometimes there was a half-hour rehearsed in the applause of the audience,” says the comedian is to tell. Is television something that Amhali continues to aspire to be next to the cabaret. “If I have the luxury have to continue to combine, then it seems to me that a lot of fun. A talk show, you will not see me do, but a personalityshow that more to myself will I see.”

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