Mystery of the day: why are the buttons of a men and vrouwenhemd on the other side?

This summer celebrates the the mysteries of life. Every day we crawl into the skin of a surprised child, and amaze us all not everyday mysteries. Today: why are the buttons of a men and vrouwenhemd on the other side?

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They even have a mannenhemd over their bodies went for the boyfriend effect will all face when the buttons wanted to close: this has now backfire?

There are different theories about the reason why we make our clothes along the other side close. So there is the reasonable misantropische idea that the clothing for women was designed so that they are with their “inferior” (read: left) hand had to dress up.

Another explanation may be the at war and violence are: a standard vechtpositie is your enemy right forward and look with your left side as a shield. When someone has a shirt with an overlap of left or right was made sure that the enemy no sword between the open buttons could stick.

Babies and horses

Still a theory? Children. Since most women are right handed, keep women, their babies, usually on their left arm, so their right side is free to, for example, the buttons of her shirt to breastfeed. Also horses and the different way men and women on the animals reason would a cause: women sat sideways in the saddle, turned to the right, so by the buttons on their shirts and dresses on the left side there was less wind under these garments.

The most plausible explanation, however, dates from the Renaissance and the Victorian era, where women are complicated clothing, consisting of several layers, hooks and ribbons, and so dressed by maids: the locks are thus a mirror image, so that these servants to their lady easily in her outfit could hoist.

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