Mystery of the day: why are lobsters cooked alive?

This summer celebrates the the mysteries of life. Every day we crawl into the skin of a surprised child, and amaze us all not everyday mysteries. Today: why are lobsters cooked alive?

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Little food that more tempers will rise to the often live boiled lobster. But why is that actually so? And is there no alternative?

A first important argument why lobster alive, sold, and cooked, is food safety. Lobsters (and other crustaceans) are often considered ideal housing is viewed by harmful bacteria. When their host is dead, spread even faster. So that’s already the reason to make a lobster alive as long as possible to keep.

We are protected against food poisoning, but also for the lobster itself would be cooked alive to be one of the more humane options. For example, the head cut off, is not. A lobster has no significant brain and what its ‘intelligence’, and is more spread over her entire nervous system. To a cancer death, so that the whole nervous system off, and that would be the fastest can go through her cooking.


Does that mean that she is not in pain? There is the science is not yet over. We can suspect that a lobster, with her limited mental capacity, pain is not the same way it perceives like we do. Nevertheless, there are signs that they are still in some way feel what happens to them: in their blood is cortisol, the stress hormone observed and during the cooking, they have cramps in their tail, which is a ontsnappingsreflex.

The screeching that you sometimes hear during the cooking, then again no sign of pain. Lobsters have no vocal cords to scream. What you hear, is the escape of air from beneath their shield by the hot water.


There Is no better alternative for the live cooking? Anyway. By the lobster briefly in ice water or in the freezer before they are cooked, you can the agony significantly soften. Researchers from the University of Maine noticed that the beast is still just 20 seconds staartkrampen showed.

Also living freezing, or electrocution, which are now proposed in the Netherlands, just after the catch are options. But there are cooks then again not happy, because the meat, according to them, rubbery would be. (EK)

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