Mysterious “Nude-selfie”, said in Miller’s possession, the lawyer of the Russian company claimed in the court filing

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Special Counsel Robert Müller and his team are reportedly a “naked selfie” received during the process of the investigation, whether Russia, in cooperation with the trump campaign during the 2016 presidential elections.

A lawyer for Concord Management and Consulting LLC, a Russian company, has been in the crosshairs of the Müller-team for the alleged interference in the election, made the bizarre statement in court documents filed on Thursday.

“Could the manner in which he collected a Nude-selfie is really a threat to the national security of the United States?” Lawyer Eric Dubelier asked, filing, support to force a movement, the discovery.


“Could the manner in which he collected a Nude-selfie is really a threat to the national security of the United States?”

Lawyer Eric Dubelier

It remained unclear who was shown in the erotic photo, or, as allegedly in the possession of the special counsel.

The firm struck against the Miller’s inquiry, calling it a “first-of-its-kind, make-believe case,” and claimed that the specific advice is looking to “completely wipe out all remaining rights of Concord, to defend themselves, and in the typical way, only a completely crazy offers leading case authority for the remarkable statement that he should be able to whisper in order to continue to the secrets to the court.”


“Since the Special Counsel is to get away with this once, as he notes in his motion, an Opposition is likely to be fruitless, but the object that we need both for the unity and all of the other defendants, which the Special Counsel believes that the laws and regulations of the United States added for his novel adventure,” the filing.


Dubelier went on to suggest that Mueller was not illegally hold “millions of pages of unclassified discovery” of records from the defense and works with the greatest secrecy, “do the criminal cases in the United States,” according to the law and crime.

At one point in the lawsuit, the lawyer for the Russian company, mocked the special counsel ‘ s legal knowledge for the citation of two other cases as relevant to this case.

“A first-year law student, would probably help the question of as [an example], the special Council here,” Dubelier wrote.

“Further, it looks as if the Special Counsel threw it in [the other case], a case from this circuit,” he added. “It is reasonable to ask, whether he just threw a dart at the Federal Reporter.”

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