‘Mysterious’ ghost shark found in the abandoned wildlife park in Australia

An abandoned wildlife park outside Melbourne that was closed in 2012 has left a seriously spooky ghosts behind.

Tucked away on the grounds of the abandoned shrine, in a run-down room littered with rubbish and rotting arcade games, a giant white shark floating in a green-tinted tank.

The four-metre beast hangs idly in a cracked tank of formaldehyde, a chemical that is known for its preservative and anti-bacterial properties. Although extremely common and found naturally in plants, animals and people, exposure to the chemical substance and the smoke can be very harmful.

A sign near the rotting creature reads “mysterious shark.”

The site is clearly well-known to many Victorians and photos are floating around online for years.

The site shows plenty of evidence of numerous visitors since the venue was forced to close its doors.

A 30-minute video of people exploring the site posted on YouTube in November, has been viewed more than 9.3 million times in the past few months.

The prohibited area filmmakers walk through the abandoned animal shows filled with the stench of possum faeces, and large rooms that are clearly occupied in the past few years. There is still milk in the fridge from April 2016 in one of them.

When they happen to be on the shark, they can’t contain their astonishment.

“What the hell, can you see that?”

“That is creepy.”

The video has received more than 26,000 comments and piqued online interest in the abandoned site. This week, a beautiful photo of the shark was shared on social media site Reddit, you get upvoted to the front page.

Melbourne artist and photographer Dom Krapski looking to leave the wildlife sanctuary in the last month after hearing about it from a friend. After packing gas-vapor respirator, and snacks, he went on the hour-and-a-half trip to the south of Melbourne, and wrote about what he found for Vice Australia this week.

“The shark barn was the first thing we’ve found, all a two-minute walk from the hotel gate. We pulled a roller door and there it was: a large, dark tank, surrounded by a mess,” Krapski wrote.

Below is a photo that he took of the abandoned creature.

Writing on Instagram, ” he said vandals had broken with the tank and some of the preservative chemicals had evaporated.

“I told you about this on the hush-hush a few weeks back and now it seems everyone knows about it thanks to YouTube,” he said.

“Vandals recently tore the roof of the tank and I think that in a few weeks, this will be gone.”

The wildlife sanctuary was allegedly shut down in 2012 by the Department of Sustainability and Environment center of the well-being of animals. According to Mr. Krapski it was originally a park dedicated to the Giant Gippsland Earthworm and came into the possession of the shark as a temporary holding place after her intended house did not go through. But when new owners took over, they kept the shark, but years later turned out to be not in accordance with the regulations.

In 2012, the ABC reported that the operator was carried out Wildlife Wonderland without a driver’s license and had driven out of the property by the owners. The animals on the premises were surrendered to the RSPCA and the Department of Sustainability.

The site appears to now sit empty, becoming a playground for the rough sleepers and urban explorers.

The Victorian Department of Environment and WorkSafe Victoria have been contacted for a response.

A spokesman from the Environment Protection Authority Victoria said: “The EPA is aware of the shark tank and not think that they are dangerous.”

The agency says that it “provided the owner with advice about how to properly dispose of the items.”

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