‘Muziekstreamingdienst Tidal is a wanbetaler’

‘Muziekstreamingdienst Tidal is a wanbetaler’

Photo: Tidal

Tidal seems to be in financial problems. The muziekstreamingdienst would be more than a hundred outstanding accounts are not able to pay.

That writes the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv on the basis of documents of kredietregistratiebureaus. More than one hundred of the 107 accounts would be sent out after rapper Jay Z took the reins at Tidal, in march 2015.

The muziekstreamingdienst would be under more since 2014 in the amount of 30,800 (translated approximately 3.324 euro) Norwegian kroner due to a music festival. Other creditors are taxi companies, hotels, banks, record companies and advertising agencies.

A restaurant bill in order of 51.250 Norwegian kroner (5.532 euro) was paid, but only after there is an official application procedure was put in motion by the restaurant.

That Tidal bills not to pay, it is at least striking. The muziekstreamingdienst was properly established with the idea of ‘fair amounts’ to be distributed to record labels and artists.

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