Mussels and misunderstandings

Although mussels a well-deserved place of honor occupied in our national cuisine, there are still plenty of misunderstandings about the tasty shells. Time for them to be washed away so. (Possibly with an accompanying fresh pint there.)

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Misunderstanding 1: Mussels that are open, can no longer be used because they are bad

When your mussels straight out of the box, it is best to immediately take the good from the bad separate for they are cooked. Today, keep mussels in leak-proof packaging, all light, open, and close them only after a few minutes. That is because the mussel is relaxed in his protected environment (packaging). When he is out of the packaging is removed, he reacts slow.

Press and hold the open mussel with the convex side under the cold faucet and tap at the same time against the shell. After a few minutes, close the shell. The mussel seems to ‘wake up’ to be. Mussels whose shell is broken or damaged, you should immediately throw away.

Misunderstanding 2: mussels eat increases your cholesterol levels

In mussels sit as much protein per weight as a steak, but less fat. Per 100 grams contains a mussel is only 1 percent fat. Furthermore, the largest part of the fat of the mussel to the category of polyunsaturated fatty acids that actually lower cholesterol levels. In addition, mussels are rich in minerals, phosphorus, iron, copper, selenium and vitamins. Conclusion: the regular consumption of mussels makes a positive contribution to health.

Misunderstanding 3: Mussels, you can eat only in months with an ‘r’

A persistent misunderstanding that ineradicable seems. The use of mussels only in months with an “r” dates from the time when there was no refrigerated transport by road was possible. Hawkers sold as clams in the cold autumn and winter months. Now there are anywhere fresh mussels available from the beginning of July to the first half of april in the following year.

Then (from mid-april, may, June to early July), the Zeeland mussel is not suitable for consumption because of the process of procreation. In June, there is a lot of food in the sea water so that the mussels are nice around to eat. In the ‘quiet’ months, the demand for the use of importmosselen from Ireland and Denmark. So there are all year round mussels in the offer.

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Misunderstanding 4: Mussels, store your best in the water to sand to get rid of

Many consumers store mussels in a bowl with salt water. Sometimes there is even flour is added to the water. Mussels would themselves clean of sand and the meat would be nice white color. Today, none of this is even necessary, because of the Zeeland mussel is absolutely zandvrij. Immediately after the catch, the mussels on board rinsed.

Then, the mussels, before to be processed, a minimum of 10 days in the Oosterschelde laid to ‘watered down’, or zandvrij to rinse. The natural conditions (hard, boggy bottom, low flow) in the Oosterschelde are optimal. Finally, all of the mussels in the trading companies even naverwaterd ashore. Mussels keep the best at the bottom of your refrigerator (not above 7 degrees). The packaging is always an expiration date listed.

Misunderstanding 5: Orange mussel meat is tastier than the white

Between orange and white mussels, there is neither taste nor quality difference. There is often told that the color difference is due to the sex of the mussel: females would be orange and the males white. However, that is a myth. Just as in humans, has the color to do with genetic differences and one instance more pigment than the other.

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Misunderstanding 6: Mussels that remain shut after cooking, you can’t eat

Dense mussels in the mosselpot are suitable for consumption. The reason why they stay than ookniets to do with edibility, but with a strong sphincter. Make these mussels carefully with a knife open and you will see that these mussels just extra a lot of meat contain. Make the mussel, however, never open up the mosselpot, because occasionally it goes to a slikmossel, a mussel that is saturated with sand.

Misunderstanding 7: Mussels prepare is quite a chore

Nothing is less true, especially when you consider that the mussels in the store are already zandvrij are stripped of their beard. Rinse is sufficient. For the most eaten mosselgerecht you need only some vegetables such as onion, leek and carrot to cut, and that in a large pot, along with some bay leaves and celery. Lay the mussels, sprinkle pepper over, and the lovers do a geut white wine or even beer. Cook on a high heat and after a maximum of 10 minutes you already enjoy. Mussels are so, even the suitable ingredient for keukenklunzen!


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