Musketon about his Cara Pils T-shirt: ‘Compare me not with Andy Warhol

Bold prediction: this summer, the festivalweides littered with bodies dressed in the Cara Pils T-shirt of illustrator Musketon. What started as a quick testtekening resulted in a product that is a lot more to the body than first sight suggests. “The beverage industry has the value of the T-shirt down, check out this shirt but as my answer.”

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Almost vijfenzestigduizend followers on Instagram, lectures in the United States and cover art of his hand: the illustrator Musketon (Bert Dries for the friends) for the wind, though he is not only by the design community celebrated. A lot of his designs ‘explode’ – to use his words to say, and be greedily swallowed up by the mainstream modeminnaar. Where he a few years ago high eyes and threw his Angry Bear-line, he now has a new hype out of his pen and let it flow. A seemingly simple T-shirt with an oversized drawing of a can of Cara pils. Yes, Cara pils.

Time and space for creativity

It is encouraging to see how a young designer standing to keep his own success story creates, but how beneficial is it actually really as a graphic artist, as a popular and commercial product? How much time and space you have to be creative? “It is very easy to to get lost in that hype, and only think about what the next popular design, while ‘hype’ is actually always very organic manner,” says Bert Dries. “I try really to oppose, because if you’re going to think about that sort of thing, you go every design question whether it can be commercially viable, and that is killing creativity.”


When I addressed word about Musketon, I notice that people only dwell on the success stories, but behind the scenes, of course there are also very many things that fail.

That creativity brings with Dries the bread on the table. Are graphicsworden used by MTV, Mazda, Nike and dj Steve Aoki and his shop runs well.He has as a man in his twenties with a private business to expand, but unfortunately there are also the typical businessdingen. “Often, one realizes not that my work does not stop at a really cool drawing; I must also look to ensure that people see it and that the orders which hopefully will follow on time at the right address environment. That last is something I’m really not happy bezighou, but what you’re there for.”

“When I addressed word about Musketon, I notice that people only dwell on the success stories, but behind the scenes, of course there are also very many things that fail. I always have to rely on my gut instinct, and yes, sometimes fail me.”

A sincere Instagramaccount

Fortunately, Musketon also rely on social media, where his drawing of the can Cara 22 weeks ago for the first time posted. “Of course it would be stupid to have a design that two thousand likes does not get on a T-shirt to print” laughs Dries. “That is an advantage to a sincere Instagramaccount. A lot of people with their own business or a product to promote buy followers and likes, but I know what my followers are really cool find, and of course also what they’re less cool.”

A photo posted by musketon (@musketon) on Feb 6, 2015 at 9:23am PST

This Dries a very close relationship with his audience and he can shortly be on the ball. ners such as Zeb, the clothing retailer, which are shirts and hoodies sell, are pleasantly surprised by the loyalty of the Musketeers, although his most recent design, of course also to do with nostalgia.


Of course it would be stupid to have a design that two thousand likes does not get on a T-shirt to print

“We stood a Cara stall at Groezrock this year. We sold only the Cara-shirts and stickers, but the response was incredible. Everyone that had bought an own story around the iconic can of beer and there were a lot of old memories,” says the man in his twenties who, until recently, never had a drop of alcohol was drunk. He even gets orders from abroad – not surprising given its large international fanbase, but people from Spain, the Netherlands or France, a shirt with a can of Cara pils to buy, there frown even at Colruyt (the distributor of Cara ed)the eyebrows to be.

Just got these Cara Pils stickers in the mail. Who needs this in his/her life? #carapils #sticker #illustration #drawing

A photo posted by musketon (@musketon) on Feb 14, 2015 at 8:39am PST

“Cara pils is not exported, so those are probably people who are on Belgian festivals Cara drunk with their friends, and that now as an icon for a great summer. That is so impressive?”, says Dries. “Coca Cola has millions of down for their ‘Share A Coke’ campaigns to the feeling of belonging and fun moments, topped with bubbles to create a cheap beer without the promo perfectly for each other. The Cara, the Cara-lifestyle as the true, it really is a concept apparently. No other brand has that.”


Not that Dries his pen was released on a different label. “If I have a look Jupiler had signed, I was definitely laughed at”, he knows. “The design of Cara is very minimalist and sleek, that attracted me immediately.”

When you have a T-shirt designs with a can of beer as an image, then the Warhol comparisons, of course, never far away, though He himself never. “I really understand where she comes from, you know, but that was not really the intention. I find simply that the brands of beer the T-shirt when object is destroyed. There was a time where each container of beer a free shirt for me, that devalues that garment is, however, entirely? See this T-shirt but a bit like my answer.”


If I have a look Jupiler had signed they had me sure laughed

Dries set is indeed a complete reverse in motion: he gives people the T-shirt to buy a free can of lager there. “I find it quite funny and a tad ironic that we now have T-shirts of 25 euro sell with if image a can of beer that was in the store for thirty cents costs. For twenty five euros you can 66 cans of Cara buy hey! That note have we really ever gotten from a potential customer.” (laughs)

At the end of the summer plant Musketon on the proper way to say goodbye to the Cara story. The only thing for him left to do his own Cara-memories and a new page that again needs to be filled. With a bestseller. (KS)

Promised a free Cara Pils for every shirt we sold, so this happened…

A photo posted by musketon (@musketon) on Feb 14, 2015 at 3:06am PST

The Cara-shirt is currently sold out on Musketons own webshop, but at multifashionshop Zeb, they are still available via this link

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