Musk may Hyperloop tunnel from New York to Washington D. C drilling

Musk may Hyperloop tunnel from New York to Washington D. C drilling

Photo: Hyperloop

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk with his company, The Drilling Company, which is a tunnel from New York City to Washington, D. C. construction, for high-speed Hyperloop.

Musk announces via Twitter that he has verbal permission from the U.s. government has gotten to the tunnel.

Formal consent must be Musk yet, but he says he is optimistic that soon. A White House spokesman says the U.s. government “positive conversations” with Musk has been, but wants nothing more to lose compared to Bloomberg.

The tunnel must be from New York via the cities of Philadelphia and Baltimore, to the American capital, Washington D. C. walk. The full trip per Hyperlooptrein, which is around 1,200 kilometres per hour should go, will take according to Musk, 29 minutes.

For comparison: the car is a small four-hours on the road, the regular train does more than two and a half hours over the journey and even the aircraft with a small hour flight time longer on the road.


According to Musk, the stations of his Hyperloop tunnel in every city in the centre, with multiple toegangsliften in each city. New York and Washington D. C. are about 350 km apart, including stops in the two intermediate cities of the tunnel would have a small 400 kilometers long.

If the tunnel is, indeed, completely underground, that would be an absolute record. Currently, the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland, the longest train tunnel in the world, with a length of 57 km. The construction of that tunnel has about seventeen years.


Musk has shared his concept of the Hyperloop in 2013, but said no time to have the high-speed train to develop. The concept is therefore open source and many companies and universities working since then to a Hyperloop train.

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Although the approaches differ, running the system in all cases, to a train traveling through a vacuum or near-vacuum tube drive. Due to the lack of air resistance, the high speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour can be achieved.

The Drilling Company

By the end of 2016 founded the Musk the company The Drilling Company. The company wants to Musk both tunnels for the Hyperloop drilling, as tunnels for Tesla cars.

Musk sees it, these cars via special lifts in the tunnel to be lifted, and then with a sleigh underground to be transported. The first leg of that ‘underground highway’ want Musk to build in Los Angeles, so also nowadays traffic jams.

Elon Musk shows tunnel system against traffic congestion

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