Musician and actor Floris Bosma doubts about film career

Musician and actor Floris Bosma doubts about film career

Floris Bosma, principal of the new Dutch coming-of-age movie, Sing Song, was not planning a film actor. “I felt in the first instance.”

The 22-year-old guitarist will embark on the last year of the conservatory of music and performs a lot with his band Blupaint.

After a performance at The World Running By the received Bosma offered a contract of a casting director. “I’m not an actor, I didn’t feel like getting myself fucked. But our manager said what have you got to lose? You never know what will happen; it is a special experience and perhaps expand your network some.”

He went through multiple competitions. And when he as the last man left, the makers prepared their draaischema partly to adapt to the performances of Blupaint.

Together with director Mischa Kamp and lead actress Georgiefa Boomdijk stayed Bosma six weeks in Suriname. He plays the role of Stu, the best friend of a teenage girl, Jasmine (Boomdijk) that participate in a talent show in Suriname, and looking for her mother. Sing Song now runs in the Dutch cinemas.


“I was very happy with Mischa,” says the actor, and guitarist. “She has The Horse of Sinterklaas and the Boys made, and she knows exactly how to deal with actors without much experience.”

The recall of emotions, turned out not to be much of a problem for Bosma. “But then a few times in a row to do. And for a particular recording each time the exact same to look and to walk; I thought that was more difficult than I had expected. You underestimate how much people there are on a film set all the time around you.”

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