Musical Luv’ is not an option for the producer

Musical Luv’ is not an option for the producer

A musical or movie about Luv’ is not an option for Hans van Hemert (71). In The Telegraph tells the hitproducent not to work on a musical about the trio, as singer Marga scheide can be seen, the brand name had to capture.

Van Hemert find that he is entitled to the name of Luv’, but was about to disagree with the singer. “I’m with Marga at home, and put her in a very friendly way, try to explain to that I am the sole owner of the name, Luv,” am. But Marga is not in.”

Van Hemert has the debate and tug of war specified. “Now I think: let it sit. I want nothing more to do. It is so negative.” In addition, he says the money is not to have for a lengthy legal procedure.

Big hits

Luv’ had by the late seventies big hits with songs such as U. O. Me, You’re The Greatest Lover and Trojan Horse. Marga scheide can be seen and Josée Hoebee are still performing, without Patty Brard. “A writer and a director wanted a musical make over my entire career, and a film producer wanted the whole story of Luv’ to hear,” says Van Hemert in the newspaper.

“So much has happened in that time, that is a wonderful story. But I’m not. I imagine that we will soon be ready and that mrs Depart to the corner looking to catch. I don’t want that.”

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