Murder charge filed in the fall-out of this video to see nurses laughing as dying wwii vet of the battle for the air

A hidden video from 2014 showed nurses laugh when the world WAR ii veteran, repeatedly called for help and died while in their care.

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Two nurses and an aide were indicted Wednesday in the death of an elderly patient, the second world War veteran James Dempsey, who died pleading for help, while in their care, WXIA-TV reported.

Dempsey’s family, of Woodstock, Georgia, hidden camera in the late veteran of the room at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center, who are trapped in the night he died.

The video showed the decorated U.S. Navy veteran repeatedly call for help, said that he could not breathe. It also turned out the nurses, not life-saving measures, and laughing as they tried to get an oxygen device.

The channel reported that Brookhaven Police launched an investigation and on Wednesday, a grand jury gave an indictment.

Loyce Pickquet Agyeman top charge is a felony murder; Wanda Nuckles, a nurse supervisor is charged with depriving an elder of essential services, and Mable Turman is charged with neglect of an elder, the report said. Warrants were issued for their arrest.

The nursing home’s attorneys tried to stop the media outlet WXIA-TV of the obtain of the video, but a DeKalb County judge ruled to unseal the images.

Nuckles told Dempsey the family of lawyers in the deposition, that when she heard that the veteran had stopped breathing, she ran to his room and took over the CPR until the ambulance arrived, WXIA-TV reported.

However, the secret video shows that there was no one doing CPR, when they came, and that she did not start. After the lawyers showed Nuckles the video, she told them it was an honest mistake, based on her normal reactions.

When the lawyers asked why Nuckles was laughing, she said that she did not remember.

WXIA-TV reported the nursing home was told of the video in 2015, but it is not the end of the nurses to 10 months later. Nuckles and another nurse did not surrender their licences until September, when the Georgia Board of Nursing was sent a link to the video by the news station.

Data showed the nursing home to continue to be problems, including $813,000 in Medicare fines since 2015, WXIA-TV reported. He said the nursing home received a good report of an inspection in May, but still has Medicare, the lowest score, a one-star rating.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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