Municipality of The Hague wants Pokémon Go-curfew in Kijkduin

Municipality of The Hague wants Pokémon Go-curfew in Kijkduin

Photo: Niantic

The municipality of The Hague, the creators of smartphonegame Pokémon Go, is invited to fewer samples in the Hague to appear. Preferably, they see the monsters out in the evening, the dunes disappear.

That confirms a spokesperson of the municipality after notification of Omroep West. Developer Niantic has not yet on the request, responded, according to the spokesman.

Kijkduin is for Pokémon Go players a popular one, because there are a lot of monsters appear. The game determines what Pokémon a player will see on the basis of the location of the smartphone.

“We want that the animals no longer appear in the area”, according to the municipality. “Especially in the evenings we would they like from the location to fend off.”


Up to now, offers Niantic, only the possibility of a Pokéstop or Gym from the game to remove. These are fixed locations in the real world, often with public artworks.

It is unclear whether the developer is willing to do the verschijningslocaties of the Pokémon themselves, on request, from the game to clear. In Niantic there were Thursday no spokespersons available for comment.

The municipality says will already be different, to take measures against the crowds. There are, for example, fences and additional bins are placed.

Previously called the municipality of the Hague to ‘Pokémonhoofdstad’ of the Netherlands, and was a pole with an image of Pikachu placed. After complaints of inhabitants are now, however, measures are being taken.

Belgian curfew

The Flemish hamlet of Lillo wants, according to the Flemish broadcaster VRT, a curfew introduced. It would then not be allowed to after a certain period of time Pokémon Go in the village to play. The board of the municipality of Antwerp says that this curfew not there.

Lillo has 33 inhabitants, but in the evening there somds thousands of players along. There would be a lot of rare Pokémon in the hamlet appear.

View images from the hustle and bustle in the Hague:

Bizarre pressure in first ‘Pokémonhoofdstad’ Kijkduin

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