Municipality of leiden, in the conversation with the police all over the place persvakken in the case of demonstrations

Several journalists have encountered, on Monday, October 7, and Saturday, the 12th of October, say that discomfort from the two major demonstrations in Amsterdam, the netherlands. They found out that they are in the persvakken limited view we had. The Dutch Association of Journalists (NVJ) is infringing on the freedom of the press.

The police have installed it on 7 and 12 October, with special compartments for printers, in which they had to work with. The subjects were assigned to one klimaatprotest of Extinction patrick’s day celebration, and a burgerinitiatievenprotest. The position of the persvakken were the police and the journalists agree. The municipality of leiden-and the police are talking about how to do this in the future it will be possible to be solved.

Yet according to the municipality of leiden on the bay, and behind the buses, so they will not have a good view of the protesters. Due to this, persvakken it comes to the freedom of news-gathering may be the subject of the proceedings, in the opinion of the municipality of leiden.

“We have a suspect that the police would rather not have had photos, since it is sometimes hard to do,” says Rosa García López, who, on behalf of the municipality of leiden is fighting for the best interests of this beautiful city, at

It was, according to the police, hard to tell who the journalist was, and who is demonstrating. “Printers have to have a jacket to where there is a clear ‘press’ on and have a press pass to. They are easily distinguished from the activists,” says Garcia Lopez.

‘The journalists were not interfering with their work

His big Leap, a spokesman for the police, don’t agree with it. “You will come to a venue where journalists and activists are intertwined. The journalists were also quite often the suede is not that a press card is not visible. That will be later revealed.”

The police department wrote in a statement, a conscious to want to make sure that there is a clear path for the activists to. In this way, the wanted, agents to prevent the group from expanding. Call the police, it is “not feasible”, as journalists are free to walk around during the protest. “The politieoperatie are going to do this,” says Leap. In this case, we do not believe we are the journalists union.”

‘Press section’ was a perskiertje. Here is the view from the press section of the ABN @nvj @Politie_Adam #ExtinctionRebellion

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