Müller would be treason almost guilty of the” if he held back evidence that Trump was, the blackmail by the Kremlin: Greenwald

in the vicinityVideoWas Democrats ” obsession about Trump and Russia, it is worth for your party?

Glenn Greenwald, co-founder and editor of The Intercept, was interviewed Monday on “The Ingraham angle” and said that if special counsel Robert Müller has evidence that the President is Trump, in fact, a Russian agent, or somehow, the Kremlin is controlled, he should show it.

“The overarching theme of the Democrats for two-and-a-half years, going back to the 2016 election, as I have already said, is that Donald Trump is being blackmailed, by or under the control of the Kremlin and forced to do things against the interest of his own country, the United States, and to the benefit of this foreign enemy,” he said. “Well, if that were true, if Robert Mueller had no evidence, and has not shown it to us, he would have been treason almost guilty of.”

Host Laura Ingraham asked Greenwald about his thoughts on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi backtracking on her admission that Trump was not worth””.

Greenwald said that if Pelosi really believed trump the interest of Russia, and decides to remove that there’s no hurry, the commander-in-chief of the office “you would wonder, does Putin have something on Pelosi, too?


“Why would you leave, in the place of someone in the Kremlin for two years controlled, if you really believed in it, if you really have evidence?” Greenwald asked.

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