Müller sets a long-awaited Russia probe report to the Ministry of justice

nearvideo-Robert Müller sets out to report to Attorney General William Barr

Special Counsel Robert Muller has presented attorney General Bill Barr, in his long-awaited report on the investigation of the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race, and possible agreements with Trumpf employees — marks the end of the politically explosive probe and the beginning of a new battle about its content and impact.

The report was delivered earlier Friday afternoon, the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein’s office and it was delivered to Barr’s office told Fox News within minutes, a senior DOJ official. The White house was informed that the DOJ had received the report at 4:45 PM, before the legislature were informed on Capitol Hill.

Both Barr and Rosenstein, the report will have seen that, according to a senior DOJ officials.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted fall following the report.

“The next steps are up to the state attorney General Barr, and we look forward to the process to take its course,” she said. “The White house has not received or been briefed on the Special Council’s report.”

Some lawmakers, including Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S. C. and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a letter received on the report will fall. Graham is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Feinstein is the ranking member.

“Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III has at the end of his investigation of the Russian interference in the election of 2016 and related issues,” the letter said.

Barr also said, to advise that he “may be able to be on the Special Council, the main conclusions as soon as this weekend.”

“Separately, I have no intention of, with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Müller, to determine what further information from the report can be published to the Congress and to the public in accordance with law, including the Special Counsel regulations, and the Department, in the long-standing practice and policy,” it continued.

It is not clear how much, if at all, the report to the public or available to Congress. None of the millers, the results of which were released immediately.

The President has repeatedly deny decried Mueller probe as a “witch-hunt”, with the emphasis, he or his campaign race in cooperation with Russia to undermine Democrat Hillary Clinton’s chances in the 2016 -. The President supposedly has a whole series of internal “conflicts of interest” of Müller’s team and has previously said his legal team is the creation of a “major counter-report” in response to the findings.

Mueller’s investigation, which originally ordered to look, in the 2016 election in may 2017, has been going on for almost two years. It expanded to probe financial crimes of the trump had employees prior to the election, is in talks Trump national security adviser with the Russians during the transition and whether or not Trump justice interferes with his statements and actions in connection with the probe.

Müller, the former Director of the FBI, which was under President George W. Bush and Barack Obama, to the special counsel of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in may 2017. In his order, Rosenstein Müller directed to investigate, no links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals in connection with the trump campaign, and all other matters arising from the investigation.

“If the Special Council considers it necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is entitled, the prosecution of Federal crimes, wrote in the investigation of these matters,” Rosenstein Mueller.

Since then, Miller’s accused of has team, condemned, or it will be confessions from 34 individuals and three companies as part of an investigation that also has problems, nothing to do with the 2016 campaign probed.

Twenty-six Russian nationals and three Russian companies were contracted, with a meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

But none of the trump-to Trump employees were charged with crimes in connection with the arrangement, when Müller published, the team calculated the former trump associate Roger stone in January with lying about his communication with WikiLeaks, hacked, Democratic E-Mails during the elections.

Other beliefs of the former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn and former campaign adviser to George Papadopoulos, the well-known both guilty of making false statements in 2017.

Former campaign Advisor to Rick Gates in the year 2018, pleaded guilty, and former campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, was convicted and later pleaded guilty in a separate financial crime, case, dating back to before the election of 2016.

The former trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to false information in the application of Müller in November.

Alex van der Zwaan, a London-based lawyer, pleaded guilty to making false statements this year, and Richard Pinedo, a California man who pleaded guilty to identity fraud in the year 2018.

Müller has.also saw action, the trump after the swearing-in as President, such as his dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, and his displacement of the Minister of justice, Jeff Sessions

Meetings, once one of the presidents of Trump’s most loyal and trusted Advisor angry Trump about his recusal from the Russia-investigation. In March 2017, will be announced in the meetings, his plans to recuse himself after reports surfaced detailing silent conversations with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the campaign.

At the time of his recusal, sessions said he met with the “relevant career senior department” to discuss the problems.

“After completion of this meeting today, I have decided to recuse themselves from any existing or future investigation of Affairs of, the said in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States,” sessions.

Rosenstein, meetings’ number two in the Ministry of justice, took over the control of the investigation and decided to appoint, the Miller, the acquisition of the probe – an investigation, Trump has been criticized repeatedly lambasted as a “fake” witch hunt.”

Rosenstein said at the time, “What I’ve determined, that, based on the unique circumstances of the public interest requires it, that I to this investigation under the authority of a person who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command.”

Müller said in a statement after his appointment: “I accept this responsibility and discharge it to the best of my ability.”

Rosenstein later assigned the supervision of then-acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker took over as he for meetings. But the report, Barr confirmed submitted in February by the Senate as attorney General.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

Fox News’ Jake Gibson contributed to this report.

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