Müller light Ruslandonderzoek on Wednesday in the House of Representatives

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller testifies on Wednesday before the U.s. House of Representatives. He will have to answer questions about its 448-page report about the alleged Russian interference in the presidential election. So, what can we expect from the future?

The 74-year-old, a former FBI director and didn’t want to testify, but was taken by the Democrats in the House of Representatives were summoned to a meeting. The hearings by the two committees are some of the features.

That is, the Democratic party of Trentino wish to speak to you, it is not entirely surprising. The various committees of the House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Democratic party, have been busy with their own studies, to the president, Donald Trump, and we hope that the special prosecutor’s office for them to proof to be able to help. A number of the Democrats want an impeachment procedure against the Home to start with.

It remains to be seen whether the Wednesday new information will come out. By Mueller, it is well-known that he made the report aims to give a talk. After nearly two years of research, he has the press in moscow. During a press conference held at the information in his report.

In this document it states that it has not been established that He and his campaign team in the run-up to the presidential elections in 2016, and have worked in partnership with Russia. He shall, on the basis that it is “completely vrijgepleit” and, therefore, that further investigation is not required, but Mueller stressed that during the press conference that this was not the case at all. “As long as we were able to determine that the Home, the process is not blocked, and therefore, he is innocent, we would have done it.”


The report by Robert Mueller, in a minute and a half

Mueller with the information in the report to keep

Just before Mueller answers questions, he’s likely to be a short explanation. The special prosecutor’s office has received on Monday a letter stating that he is subject to the information available in the public version of the report.

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, who is in one of the committees, the hope that the Muellers statement will be a turning point. Staff members from her party, put the Democrats on Wednesday that no new discoveries come to expect.

ijgenoot Eric Swalwell, who is the two committees, pointing out that the Muellers report on the “extensive” and says that a lot of Americans do not have to read it. “To see is to believe, in the united states.”

It is the examination of the special prosecutor’s office to begin at 14: 30.

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However, in the published report of the Ruslandonderzoek


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