Müller helps Pelosi to derail prosecution

close tovideo Democrats pin charge hopes to have Robert Mueller’s testimony

The legislature to go all-in on former special counsel Robert Mueller ‘ s scheduled appearance on Capitol Hill; reaction and analysis on ‘the Five.’

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On the roster: Müller helps Pelosi to derail impeachment – I’ll Tell you What: Within the error – Trump admission to the ratings limit on the economy is the best in decades – Biden rebounds, Harris’ bounce faded – Beware of the denture fairy

Politico: “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler pushed to start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump at a closed-door meeting Wednesday, only to be rebuffed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to four sources familiar with the discussions. At a caucus meeting following the much-anticipated testimony of the special counsel , Robert Mueller, Nadler suggested that several house Committee chairmen could begin drawing up the indictment against Trump. Pelosi called the idea premature, the sources said. … Pelosi convened the Democratic caucus following Miller’s appearance before the judiciary and intelligence panels. A long, active discussion about the impeachment process is followed. Sources said the rank-and-file lawmakers asked about the technical aspects of the impeachment inquiry, including whether it would require a full vote of the house, or may be initiated by the judicial Committee.”

Dems face facts – WaPo: “Many Democrats long have considered, Robert S. Mueller III, a potential Savior, as a representative of President Trump to undo any of them. Wednesday the hearings on Capitol Hill probably these illusions shattered once and for all. If Democrats hope to the end of the Trump presidency, you need to do so by him at the ballot box in November 2020. In reality, this was the case for months. Planned testimony from former special counsel before two house committees, which offered the possibility that he would say something that would change all of a sudden, the public perception and dramatically jump-start the long-overdue perspectives for a law enforcement request. That was certainly the Democrats’ goal. If anything, could move things in the opposite direction.”

Kevin Williamson: “The Miller hearings Showed Why you Should not bet against Trump’ – “National Review”: “I’m not in the business of predicting the election results, but with all the usual limitations, I will say this: If I were betting my own money on the 2020 election — today — I would not bet against Donald Trump. The Müller-the circus offers us a lesson and one lesson only: The Democrats still believe, you are the star of the apprentice, a reality show of choice can defeat. Ain ‘ T nobody gonna beat Donald J. Trump in a goat rodeo. The Democrats are running scorched-earth, high-drama spectacle-campaign against President Trump, who is specialized in the scorched-earth, high-to increase drama, glasses, and who today has the power of the President’s bully pulpit, the drama, and you zoom in on the spectacle. In other words, the Democrats are apparently intent on the battle trump on his own ground and challenges him to a duel in the one thing he’s actually pretty good: on a show.”

NYT: A unsolemn seriously-Congress – NYT: “If you were in search of a metaphor for the dryness of the ideal of American public service — that puts country before party, truth before the ‘narrative’ or ‘brand’ — it would be difficult to be better than the painful spectacle of Robert Müller tried in his faltering voice, to sound the alarm on Wednesday about the Russian subversion of American democracy. … Appear before two congressional committees full of politicians who fill the intent with him, their own versions of reality, Mr. Miller seemed frail and often confused. But he fired successfully to draw almost all of the efforts that established him beyond the limits of the evidence, in the report he delivered on the Russian interference in the elections of 2016. The exceptions came as a representative, in fact, a interest in the Russian interference, and Donald Trump’s embrace of him showed. “I hope that the new is not normal,” Mr. Miller said at one point, in answer to the question of whether the American candidate could now feel free to welcome foreign influence, ” but I’m afraid it is.'”

Senate GOP blocks election security exchange – The hill: “Senate Republicans blocked two security bills, and a cybersecurity measure on Wednesday in the Wake of the former special counsel Robert Mueller warning against interference attempts in his public testimony before the Congress, the legislature. Democrats tried to require the approval of two bills would, that campaigns to alert the FBI and the Federal Election Commission on foreign offers of assistance, as well as a bill, the Senate Sergeant at Arms provide voluntary cyber-help for personal devices and accounts of the senators and staff. But Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) block each of the bills. You did not, please justify your objection, you say, if you are on the objection, on behalf of itself or the Senate GOP caucus.”

“Nothing is safer than the indispensable necessity of government, and it is equally undeniable, that whenever and however it is instituted, the people must cede to it some of their natural rights in order to vest it with requisite powers.” – John Jay, Federalist No. 2

History: “On this day in 1941, the American automaker Henry Ford sits at his Desk in Dearborn, Michigan and writes a letter to the Indian nationalist leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The letter effusively praises to compel Gandhi and his campaign of civil disobedience, the British colonial government of India. In July of 1941, Ford’s pacifist views led him to despair at the current global situation: had Nazi Germany has invaded Poland to declare which the UK and France, the war against them. The USA, led by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was firmly on the side of the allies, but Ford was convinced that the country should remain neutral… As Douglas Brinkley writes in ” wheels for the world,’ his history of the Ford Motor Company, the automaker disliked imperialism and was hopeful that Gandhi’s campaign would succeed, urging the British in India and establishing Indian home rule.”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval
: 45.2 Percent
The average of the rejection: 51.4 percent
Net Score: -6.2 Points
Change from a week ago: 0.4 points
[Average, includes: Fox News: 46% approve – 51% oppose; NPR/PBS/Marist: 44% approve – 53% reject; Gallup: approve 44% – 51% oppose; NBC News/WSJ: 45% approve – 52% disapprove; ABC News/WaPo: 47% approve, reject 50%.]

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Fox News: “More voters rate the economy positively today than they have been since 2001, according to the latest Fox News poll. In addition, the approval of the job President Trump makes to the economy stands at 52 percent (41 percent decline). This is just a point from its high of 53 percent in the last summer, and 48-46 percent in may. The job evaluation will be contributed, in part, by the 51 percent of voters now feel the economy is in the positive Form (excellent or good). The last time that many feel that way was nearly two decades ago (59 per cent, January 2001). However, it is unclear whether trump can count on these reviews for new elections. While 33 per cent say that the economic conditions will be better, if he is re-elected (39 percent worse), the same number, 33 percent, think it will be better if a Democrat wins the White house (36 percent poor).”

Biden leads trump in Ohio – Quinnipiac University: “former Vice President Joseph Biden President Donald Trump 50 – 42 percent in the crucial swing state of Ohio, the only leading candidate of the Democrats, at the top of the Republican incumbent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. The other leading Democratic candidates are locked in a dead heat with President Trump, the independent Quinnipiac University poll finds 46% for Trump to Vermont sen. Bernie Sanders with 45 percent; Trump at 46 percent in Massachusetts sen. Elizabeth Warren at 45 per cent; 44 – 44 percent between Trump and California Sen. Kamala Harris; 44 – 44 percent between Trump and South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg; 44 percent for Trump to 43 percent for New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. Women, black voters and independent voters give Biden his lead in the matchup, with trump.”

Mark Sanford cause Trump the primary problems could be? – Five thirty eight: “But if you consider that Trump has already ‘defeated’ [Mark]Sanford once before — Trump endorsed Sanford’s primary opponents in 2018 in a last-minute tweet, and Sanford lost renomination — the Problem is not so much about whether Sanford’s defeat was the trump card. But the question is: How much trouble he could cause the President in a primary school? … Where Sanford is perhaps the most in line with the Republican party with his stance on fiscal policy — a reduction in the deficit, so if he were to run, would this question at the center of his presidential candidacy. … In theory, Sanford’s views on the financial policy, garner was able to see him some support in the GOP, but then again, less and less Americans are now reducing the nation’s deficit as a top priority. Another factor that encourage to run maybe Sanford is South Carolina’s early position on the presidential primary calendar.”

FiveThirtyEight: “[…surveys tend to rise and fall, — in what is often a fairly predictable pattern — after events such as debates and conventions.] Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Beto O’rourke all have noticeable jumps when you officially for the presidency, only to fall back in your pre-declaration average later on. It looks as if something like this happens again after the first Democratic debate last month. If you look at the real clear politics average: Biden rebounded by 28.4 percentage points, from a low of 26.0% – points just after the debate. … Harris fell to 12.2 percentage points from a peak of 15.2 percentage points. … Harris is still in better shape than before the debates, but she’s currently 16 points behind Biden, instead of on the search, as they obtain about him. … Why this pattern occurs is somewhat beyond the scope of this short article. But one factor may be non-response bias after a good discussion, for Harris and a bad for Biden, for example, Harris Fans, the likelihood of, and respond to surveys and Biden those less so.”

NAACP forum preview on The second debate – NYT: “As the ‘Robert Mueller Wednesday ” obsolete Washington — Democratic presidential hopefuls put another case: that President Trump is a bigot, the excessively is detrimental to black communities. One after the other, at the national convention of the N. A. A. C. P., the nation’s largest and oldest civil rights organization, the Democratic candidates chose not to discuss Mr. Miller’s testimony in detail, and instead, presented their respective plans to raise black people. If you’ve mentioned, Mr. Trump, she was often in the context of his remarks about ethnic minorities, and to awaken his inclination stereotypes steeped in racist history, to downgrade his political opponents. … The presidential forum was essentially a preview next week for the second set of Democratic debates in which the candidates are expected to have less time to spend in the current administration and more time in order to distinguish himself from another.”

Biden got aggressive with Booker – WaPo: “Former Vice President Joe Biden, aimed at his critics in the presidential field Wednesday, scoring sen. Cory Booker record and Sen. Kamala D. Harris, the political positions in an invigorating new offensive that signaled a more aggressive stance heading into next week’s presidential debate. Biden’s response came as the candidates gather here for the NAACP’ s 110th convention… On Wednesday asked by NAACP, panel moderator, April Ryan , if his views have evolved, Biden said, the focus of the criminal justice system is necessary to shift from the ‘detention in rehabilitation” — a solution, Booker, speaks with reporters after its former NAACP appearance, as ” inadequate.’ … After Biden left the stage, he replied with emphasis on Booker on the second day of the critique, by trying to turn the attention on his tenure as mayor of the troubled city of Newark, before he was a senator.”

Sanders campaign says Biden lies about Medicare for all – The hill: “sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Presidential campaign, slammed former Vice-President Joe Biden on Wednesday for the “continued lies” about Medicare for All. “Thank you, Joe Biden, for the credit of our campaign for justice,” senior consultant Jeff Weaver said in a statement. ‘I’m sorry, we don’t have the favor. Your continued use of the same insurance company fear-mongering, which have been used against the Affordable Care Act is really disheartening.’ Biden last week, extended his criticism of the Medicare for All, say, the health policy would be impossible without raising taxes on the middle class.

This week, Fox News Senior judicial Analyst judge Andrew Napolitano explains how the President has unleashed a flood of hatred: “When I was a Student at Princeton University at the height of the Vietnam war, surrounded by fellow students, sentenced, and even some who later left our country to fight to avoid be the mantra of supporters of the war,” America, love it or leave it.’ In my misguided ‘Bomb Hanoi” youth, I have this sentence that I despise now of the language. The phrase itself – with its command of the government in the way, or the highway – there are no dissenting opinions, suggests that all is well and the right here, and that the moral standards and cultural values can not be improved. The term itself is un-American. … Well, the hatred is back.” More here.

Trump calls for Republicans to come on Board, with the deficit to deal with in front of Thursday’s vote – WaPo

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced Aug. 2 resignation – AP

House panel delays Kelly Anne Conway contempt voice in the midst of White house talks – Fox News

Due to internal party power house Dems pull fighting-Israel-resolution – Politically

“I doubt that [President Obama] would have took me if this accusation of my being wrong on civil rights, was the right one.” – Former Vice-President Joe Biden said on Wednesday at the NAACP convention in Detroit.

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JAPANESE: “Indiana woman who allegedly revealed to a meeting with a parole officer wearing someone else’s dentures. According to the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, a woman reported her dentures stolen Monday and said Joann Childers, had not only the teeth, but was also sporty, the stolen smile. On the same day, a Deputy in a meeting with Childers, in which he noticed had you not wore dentures that were unique to her, the post said. On Wednesday, the deputies have home Childers at her and spoke with her about the stolen teeth. While there, they spotted allegedly identified the dentures out of the question – simply by the victim wrote the name on it. Childers prior to the theft charges, and the dental prosthesis have been recovered.”

“Scoff if you want, but I stayed home Tuesday to watch a chess game. I do not understand, ESPN (TV channel in my office, and I was not going to miss the tiebreaking final game of the man vs. machine epic: the best humanity has to offer, Garry Kasparov, against the best in silicon, X3D Fritz.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on Nov. 21, 2003.

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